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Ministry directs SKMM to investigate, but no details on action

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Govt directs SKMM to investigate high cost of IT services

The Government has directed the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM) to study the reasons behind the high cost of providing Information Technology (IT) services in the country. (why now, isn’t the cost “high” all these years?)

Information, Communications, Culture and Arts Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said there were numerous complaints on how expensive it was to obtain IT services here, while the quality — particularly connection availability and speed — was not up to expectation.(Streamyx was launched 2001, this year is 2009, probably 2019 we can get the speed(and quality) you are talking about)

“The Government would also like to know why the cost for IT services is high in Malaysia. Consumers’ main grouse is that they are charged more compared with users in other countries but the quality of service is not up to mark.(The cost has always been high because the regulator was not playing a proper role (bringing down the cost).)

“We want to know how it (the cost) can be brought down and at the same time improve on the quality,” he told reporters after a briefing at the SKMM on Wednesday.(ISPs are thinking of increasing cost, because the cost of bandwidth is expensive, deploying coverage is not easy, plus as long as TM is the national broadband player, other ISPs will have a little space to grow)

Rais said SKMM must also see to it that providers deliver what they promised consumers, adding that if a provider promised Internet surfing speeds of 10MB (megabytes) per second, the public should not be experiencing a “slow as tortoise service at one or two megabytes.”(Why are you telling this to the public? We already know, thanks for informing)

He said providers whose services failed to meet expectation must be dealt with, adding this was where the Commission, as the enforcement authority, should play its role to ensure the public was not shortchaged, (talking the talk without walking the walk, thanks for informing us your job responsibility)

Rais said efforts must be taken to close the digital gap between rural and urban areas, adding that fixed telephone line providers must expedite the laying of optical fibre cables so that people in districts and kampungs (villages) could also enjoy Internet service.(Fixed telephone line providers with an S? I only see one major player who also owns the optical fibre cables that you are talking about)

On another matter, the minister said 11 cases related to violations committed in cyberspace had been to court, adding the nature of cases included sending lewd and vulgar SMSes and e-mail, and comments insulting the Sultan of Perak.

He said there were a “good number of cases” that had been brought to the Attorney-General’s Chambers and the Commission would leave it to the A-G to decide whether or not prosecute the offenders.

Rais reminded the Commission of its responsibility to ensure that all cyberspace users in the country follow laws and regulations, adding it should not hesitate to take action against violators.

“I must however stress that we are not practising censorship but there are laws that need to be respected and adhered to.

“The public’s interest and safety, as well as the country’s security, need to be looked after and that is why the Commission must do its job to see to it that users follow guidelines,” he said.


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