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Internet Network: Upgrade for the Future, not now

When an ISP(Internet Service Provider) grows with more customers, a common issue that happens here is the increase of load/traffic on the network. This causes a degradation in the quality of the network as each new user or device is added. If this continues, at some point the network is unable to properly support the types and level of network traffic that the users generate.

To solve the slower speed that customers are experiencing, the ISP will have to upgrade the network. Employees at the ISP may not realize how important it is to properly plan for network upgrades. In many cases, the business may just add various network hardware devices, of varying quality, from different manufacturers, and different network connection technologies, to connect new users. Only when the network starts to fail and then we will see more real money being invested on the network.

Malaysian ISPs should upgrade the network for the future, not to meet the demand of the traffic today. Most of the wireless ISP will only upgrade a site every 3-6 months when needed, but when the time a site is upgraded, the traffic also gets doubled. This is because the network was upgraded to meet the traffic 3-6 months ago, not today or for the future.

With the current slow Internet connection that we have in Malaysia today, its a proof that Malaysians ISPs has failed in network planning and not done well in ensuring customers get the speed that they are paying for. The world is laughing at us with the recent study that says Malaysia’s broadband quality is below par while certain company may pride them self on the poor quality of service that they offer.

If investment on backhaul/backend is expensive, then ISPs should be collaborating with each other for the benefits of the consumer rather than just thinking of making money or signing up new customers. The communication regulator must step up and brave themself to play the most important role to ensure that all these will happen. Until then, broadband will remain as a service, not a necessity.

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