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Malaysia still not free from SMS scams

Although all of our main mobile operators(Maxis, DiGi & Celcom) has some sort of anti-spamming and anti-spoofing solution, Malaysians are still not free from scams involving SMS. There are still a number of reports that mobile users are being charged for the content or service that they did not request.

Who is supposed to take the responsibility this?

  • The Telcos?(Who has a large share on the amount of money that is billed to the mobile users)
  • The Regulator? (With current regulation that does not seem to be effective)
  • The Content Providers? (Who has access via the Telco to bill any Malaysian with a mobile number)
  • The Mobile Users? (Who place their trust on the Telco and the Regulator)

Some RM35 million was reported loss due to SMS scams in 2007 and that amount could be more today. Till this industry think of ways to properly resolve this, you can be spammed or billed for a mobile content or services that is not requested by you.


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