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P1 WiMAX-WiFi Mobile Device

This is so interesting that P1 will soon make available a mobile WiFi device that will allow you to carry it around. What this device does is simple, it receives P1’s WiMAX signal and creates a WiFi hotspot for you. In simple word, its a portable WiFi hotspot generator.

Its a real shame that none of the mobile broadband provider has come out with something like this(although the close one is Celcom with its Broadband Wireless Gateway) when 3 out of 4 mobile broadband operator has better coverage than P1.

The current prototype carries a logo of Infomark Co Ltd, a company that develops Mobile WiMAx products in South Korea. The partnership with Infomark is via the collaboration with GCT Semiconductor, which their chips can be found in Green Packet’s solution such as the WiGGY.

You can use this hotspot generator for up to 5 hours. No news on when will it be available or the cost.

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