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Maxis HSPA+ is too early

Just last Friday I blog that 2 of the 3G operators are HSPA+ ready, Maxis yesterday announced that small part of their network is now HSPA+ enabled. Read the official story here. In my blog post, I said that the best time to launch HSPA+ is probably about the end next year, so is Maxis making a mistake here?

But here’s the thing, will this implementation resolve the current network congestion? I don’t think so, using Maxis Broadband for the past few days, I still don’t get a satisfying BROADband speed on HSDPA.

Let’s get to point here, Maxis did not announce:

  • the availability of HSPA+ supported devices and when it will be available
  • how it selects the trial users and how long does this “trial” goes on
  • the exact date or month that HSPA+ will be officially available
  • numbers of HSPA+ enabled sites

The only thing you would notice Maxis shouting is this- We are the first to launch HSPA+!!. Sounds very supportive of its customers.
As for the experience, Maxis is promising speeds of up to 10–15Mbps, but that really depends on how much bandwidth does each of its HSPA+ base station has. Unless Maxis plan to use its own FTTH as backhaul for its base station, but this won’t happen anytime soon(that’s why I said end of next year).

Malaysians, go ahead and get the experience of speeds up to 21Mbps. Remember this, our current fixed line or mobile broadband(including Maxis Broadband) cannot even give you a decent and stable BROADband speed.

Will the other telco make the same move?

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