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Reader’s Letter: Confusing DiGi Postpaid Plans

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Letter from Allan Wong:

Note: Letter has been edited

July 2008, DiGi make a big surprise to Malaysia mobile subscriber by launching 4 new DiGi postpaid packages. DG20, DG50, DG150 and DG250. Later on May 2009, they discontinued the DG20 but replaced it with the DG30 plan.

But recently, DiGi also discontinued the DG250 plan without any announcement.

Just today, I received news from a DiGi CS saying that, effective from January 31, 2010, DG150 plan also will be revised.

What is the major different between the old DG150 compared to the new DG150?

The old DG150 subscribers can enjoy “unlimited” free Digi-to-Digi call and sms after hitting RM150 usage within the month.

The new DG150 subscribers can also enjoy free DiGi-to-DiGi call and sms, but capped at RM300 which is not “unlimited” like the old plan. For example, once your current month unbill amount has touched RM150, you can start enjoying the free DiGi-to-DiGi calls/sms but limited up to RM300. After you hit the RM300 free call/sms, DiGi will start charging RM0.10/sms or RM0.10/minute.

It is confusing right?

What is going on in DiGi? Their postpaid plan sounded cheap, but it is so confusing and the free call/sms after RM150 is not transparent. We may not know which number is discounted or which number is not.

DiGi, are you still “The Smarter Choice”???

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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