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A simple guide to choosing a Mobile Broadband service

Are you not decided on which mobile broadband service to choose? Here’s a simple guide for you.
Before you read below, please check out my blog post on “Mobile Broadband is not for Everyone“.

If you are getting a mobile broadband service for use while traveling, choose between Maxis Broadband and Celcom Broadband. Celcom may have more 3G/2G coverage areas compared to Maxis in Malaysia but Maxis could offer faster speed than Celcom considering that Celcom Broadband has about 3 times more broadband subscribers than Maxis.

Conclusion: Go for Celcom Broadband when it comes to coverage.


Speed really depends on current network traffic and overall network subscribers. As Celcom has the highest number of mobile broadband subscribers(about 500k), I personally do not recommend Celcom Broadband if you are looking for speed.

You may choose between Maxis Broadband, P1 WiMAX, DiGi Broadband and U Broadband after you consider the options below based on your requirements:

Maxis Broadband- More than 100k broadband subscribers(may not get high speed all the time and in all areas), but it offers the best coverage among the 4 above.

P1 WiMAX- About 100K subscribers and speed is very much dependent on location and signal strength. Coverage is not there yet for mobile broadband but expanding aggressively.

U Broadband- Network is not congested and may offer you speed about 1Mbps at most of the time, but lack of good 3G coverage.

DiGi Broadband- Could offer high speed broadband at the moment but lack of good 3G coverage for mobile broadband.

Conclusion: It is a hard decision to make but if you are looking between standard coverage and speed than Maxis Broadband is recommended.

From a price perspective, all of them (mobile broadband providers) have very attractive packages, as low as RM40. Some packages comes with USB modem as well. Refer their websites:

Conclusion: Refer to the ISP websites

Note that experience on a mobile broadband service may vary depending on location and current traffic load that the network is handling. You may want to pick a package that offers a trial period before subscribing.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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