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U Mobile to roam on DiGi EDGE Network

A domestic roaming agreement signed by U Mobile will allow its subscriber to roam on DiGi’s EDGE network.

The deal will last for 3 years but the most interesting part of the agreement is this, U Mobile would not say when it can start roaming on DiGi’s EDGE network. The reason? U Mobile’s agreement with DiGi is exclusive but it has an existing domestic roaming agreement with Celcom.

I don’t understand why this agreement is being announced when U Mobile can’t say when the agreement will take effect. And secondly, this supports what I have been saying all these while that the Celcom network is overloaded. At this point, there are at least four MVNOs on the Celcom 2G network with Tune Talk to launch GPRS on a network that already has crawling Internet speed.

It is not clear how long U Mobile subscribers will be enjoying “crystal clear calls” on the Celcom’s network and when will they benefit from the latest agreement with DiGi.

The domestic roaming agreement with DiGi includes GPRS and EDGE. I hope DiGi has prepared its EDGE network for an additional 100-200k subscribers from U Mobile.

The official story here.

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