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The first Malaysian App Store- Maxis 1Store

The Maxis 1Store was launched in June 2009, an application store for mobile developers to promote their apps to Maxis users.

However it was not really “open” at that time as it was focused more in promoting the winning entries from the Mobile Content Challenge(MCC) 2009. Plus in my opinion, Maxis 1Store did not really made any huge impact on the mobile industry.

Till recently, Maxis has taken big steps by opening up the 1Store to virtually any mobile developers around the world. As for now, the operator only accepts applications based on the Java and Symbian platform with plans to support Android and Blackberry platforms in the future. Read more here.

However, something very IMPORTANT was missing from the Maxis 1Store website. The revenue sharing details was not disclosed. Its a mistake for not disclosing it as revenue sharing is key to everything for a mobile developer. I can develop and sell millions of app, but if Maxis is taking more money than me, from my apps, what is the point of doing it?

Secondly, Maxis is limiting themself to their own customers when they can always sell those apps to Celcom, DiGi or U Mobile subscribers, that’s the the power of an app store! At least this is a good start for Maxis and I hope to see more out of it.

If you develop Java or Symbian apps, check out http://www.1store.com.my/

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