Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Maxis will suspend your Broadband service for hitting the limit

Update 1: Get LESS with Maxis Broadband. If you visit the Maxis Broadband landing page here, you will see the notice regarding this matter. At least now we know that Maxis Broadband does the action first and then notice later. Good job Maxis, I am sure your customers are HAPPY!

You can also read a related story carried by Mobile World.


The next time when you start surfing with your Maxis Broadband service, make sure you count every single bit and bytes of it, because the folks at Maxis is gonna suspend your Internet service completely once you reached the data limit.

Image credit: Prasys’ Blog

Just last few days Maxis announced the data add on packages, now a number of users are complaining because Maxis has blocked their Internet connection for exceeding the given data limit.

In my opinion, what Maxis is doing is extremely wrong because no notice where given to customers and existing terms & conditions said that Maxis will limit the speed but not suspend the Internet service if a user exceed the given data limit.

From a positive side, doing this will free up the whole Maxis Broadband 3G network but in the same time the add on packages appear to be more expensive than the existing packages!

I will refer this to MCMC soon.

In the mean time, check out this post and also some of the comments in Lowyat Forum.

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