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Live from P1 WiMAX Event- Tues Feb 09 2010

P1 will be announcing something at a media event today. I have a strong feeling that they will revealing this- P1 WiMAX Netbook.

VIEW THE LIVE VIDEO FROM THE P1 Media event HERE- http://www.blogtv.com/People/scamboy

2.30PM-Michael Lai is here, it is confirmed that this event is about the P1 WiMAX Netbook. The WiMAX netbook should be available for preview shortly.

2.45PM- Half of the WiMAX world is in Asia Pacific says Michael Lai, CEO of P1
2.55PM- Targeting coverage of 45% this year

2.57PM- “Our network couldn’t cope up with demand” says Michael. 215 congested sites in Dec 09 but improved over 78% during last 2-3 months. Only about 47 congested WiMAX sites right now.

3PM- An average P1 user consume about 7GB a month…

3.03PM- 100,000 subs in 13 months. 35% coverage so far, top 4 WiMAX operator in the world

3.04PM- 2010 gonna be the “WiMAX decade of the year” says Michael Lai

3.08PM- P1 WiMAX will go “1Malaysia”….nationwide operator

3.10PM- “Broadband will be the electricity for connectivity”

3.15PM- Michael is showing off the new USB modem- “Shuttle” and the “Tower”, fixed WiMAX modem..

3.14PM- The new P1 WiMAX Netbook being shown now.
3.20PM- The new P1 WiMAX embedded netbook is 1st in Malaysia and South East Asia

3.24PM- Q&A now

3.25PM- No pricing is announced for the Netbook…

3.26PM- The netbook is not using the Intel WiMAX chipset…but P1 will rollout Intel WiMAX chipset once it is available.

3.30PM- My notebook ran out of battery….

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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