Sunday, January 29, 2023

Time dotCom has launched FTTH up to 50Mbps (Updated)

Remember this post?

Its confirmed that Time dotCom(Tdc) has launched Fibre-to-the-home at selected location in Mont Kiara.


  • 2Mbps-RM149/month
  • 5Mbps-RM199/month
  • 10Mbps-RM329/month

There is also something called the “Boost” packages that will boost the speed to 50Mbps. It appears that the speed(50Mbps) does not work well with XP/Vista but works fine on Macs.

Here’s the detailed packages:

TIME Fibre Broadband



Additional BOOST @ 50Mbps

(Over monthly free limit)

2 Mbps (RM149/month)

10MBps for 10 hours every month

  • RM10 for 2 hours

  • RM18 for 4 hours

  • RM35 for 8 hours

5 Mbps (RM199/month)

50Mbps for 15 hours every month

10 Mbps (RM329/month)

50Mbps for 30 hours every month

*A telephone line is not required, only a fibre-optic connection and an optical modem which will be provided by TIME
*Two working days for installation including fibre-optic cabling works and activation

What is BOOST?
BOOST increases the base speed of the broadband service to a maximum speed for a predetermined amount of hours every month, relevant to the specific package a customer has signed up for.


1st Phase: 7 condominium blocks at Mon Kiara(AVAILABLE NOW):

  • Mont Kiara Pines
  • Mont Kiara Astana
  • Mont Kiara Palma
  • Mont Kiara Bayu
  • Mont Kiara Pelangi
  • Mont Kiara Damai
  • Mont Kiara Sophia

2nd Phase: Greater Mont Kiara Community (in progress)
3rd Phase: Other Areas in Klang Valley (in future)

Sign up here or call 1800 18 1010. Website:

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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