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New TM Blockbuster Deal

TM has launched 4 new broadband packages for the year 2010 called Blockbuster Deal (open the image in new tab for larger view):

With the new deal:

  • No charge on TM Homeline rental
  • Free calls between TM Fixed Line customers
  • Lower call rates to mobile and other fixed line networks
  • Free Wireless Modem with a 12-month warranty period
  • Free DECT phone with a 12-month warranty period
  • 1 Dynamic IP
  • 1 E-mail address
  • Installation and activation fee are waived

TM also launched 3 new voice packages (open the image in new tab for larger view):

“Customers will we able to upgrade to HSBB once the service is available” said Jeremy Kung, Executive Vice-President of Consumer, TM. Jeremy added that customers who signed up for the Blockbuster Deal will have to sign a new contract if they want to upgrade to HSBB.

I’m surprised that TM launched the Blockbuster Deal in a short time period as it recently launched the “Streamyx Super Upgrade Deal”. For the record, TM launched their “Streamyx Super Upgrade Deals” for all current subscribers (including Streamyx Combo) just last November.

I guess now Streamyx users has more options to upgrade their speed/plans and in the same time lock them self to TM for another year or two.

FAQ: Blockbuster Deal

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