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P1 WiMAX Netbook may not go into production

The much talked about P1 WiMAX Netbook may not be a reality as it may not go into production.

Sources close to this blog said that it was an internal decision to not go into production although the testing on those P1 WiMAX netbook so far has been positive. It is believed P1 had about 3 vendors including GCT Semiconductor for the trial. GCT Semiconductor chip-sets are used in the P1 Desktop modems and WiGGY.

I’m sure the folks at YTL are quite happy reading this because they too may have plans to launch netbooks. Too bad for P1 because a lot of people that I know has been trying to get more info on the WiMAX netbook since they announced it.

I believe the reason for P1 to make this decision could be because of a cost issue.

What are your thoughts, please comment.

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