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The NEW Malaysian Wireless

First of all, I will to thank all readers for being patience with me. I know the site was not accessible for a number of times during the migration from Blogger to WordPress past 2 weeks.

This blog will now be called Malaysian Wireless(Telco Talk Malaysia).

I would like to thank Advertlets.com for the logo(it looks good!) and friends that offered their help during the blog migration.

The reason for this migration- more than 80% of this blog traffic is coming from Malaysia plus WordPress is a great platform for blogging(it offers more control and plugins).

This blog is now hosted at Jaring, Technology Park Malaysia to ensure good browsing experience for Malaysians.

I have managed to migrate all blog post except for some comments. If you want to retrieve those comment, feel free to visit the older blog- malaysianwireless.blogspot.com Also older blogger links will still work if you have bookmarked a post(you will be redirected to the new link on this blog).

Again Thank You all for the support. Happy commenting and reading!

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