Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Celcom Data add on packages

Smililar to Maxis, Celcom Broadband now gives you an option to purchase additional data volume when you use up the given 5GB.

The only major difference here is this- Maxis might suspend your broadband service after hitting the allowed data usage but Celcom will only throttle your speed.

As part of the Celcom Sale 2010, two data add on packages are offered at a promotional price:

  • 1GB- RM5
  • 5GB- RM20

In comparison, Maxis Broadband is charging 1GB for 30days at an expensive price of RM28! Hopefully Celcom will keep the price low after the promotion is over.

Note: This data add on packages is for Celcom Broadband customers only. To subscribe, contact Celcom Careline(1111) or you can also call 1300 111 000 .

Details-Celcom Data On

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