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I want a WiMAX Smartphone

Doesn’t sound familiar? That’s right, I want a WiMAX smartphone or a mobile internet smartphone which does not offer the standard voice call over 2G/3G networks.

Why? I use less voice services today. I need a small mobile device to do email, Twitter, Facebook, surf the net, chatting(MSN), maybe some VoIP calls, Mobile TV, GPS for navigation, and install tons of other apps such as mobile wallet. I don’t care what operating system that it runs on, as long as I could do my stuff on it.

Sounds like iPad? NO, I don’t need something that big, I just need something as small as a mobile phone, that can fit into my pocket. Mobile Internet Device(MIDs) are too big at the moment, and most of it are yet to be available widely.

But why a WiMAX mobile phone?

A WiMAX phone is a smartphone that is always connected to the Internet or it could offer push-based services, like a Blackberry. At the moment, P1 WiMAX has more coverage areas than DiGi3G, good enough for a mobile service. The only problem with the P1’s WiMAX coverage is that it is not well deployed for a mobile service. For example, you won’t be able to get good signal if you are sitting at Starbucks, Pavillion although P1 has coverage around that area. Maybe the P1 transmitters are facing the toilets?

Imagine this, WiMAX can handle more users than 3G, and more data traffic as well. Plus WiMAX networks are designed with Internet in mind while 3G is made to cater voice and data.

Most people carry two phones today, both for a different purpose, but I’m hoping that my secondary phone could do just Internet while my primary phone could do both. I don’t want to loose important calls or SMS just because my phone runs out of battery for heavily using Facebook.

I know that there a small number of WiMAX-capable mobile phones out there, but most of these comes with 3G. I’m not against 3G and I’m not thinking of replacing my 3G phone, but as to cater my heavy Internet usage while on the move, I think WiMAX fits that role perfectly.

If I were given a choice to route all my voice and SMS to the Internet, I would carry a Internet smartphone today.

Can we have a WiMAX phone this year?

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