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Mobile security awareness still lacking, adoption is low

Mobile Security tools have been available in the market for years, but consumer awareness is still lacking and adoption has been low.

In 2008, a software security company conducted a survey and they found out that 86 percent of the respondents  did not have security software installed on their handsets back then.

“There is no urgent demand for [mobile security software],” she explained in an e-mail interview. “[But] as more and more mobile phones become the ‘device to the Internet’, the situation will change.”

“On the other hand, there is no protection for platforms such as the iPhone OS, even if users crave it. And there have been attacks on Apple’s mobile platform, such as the Ikee worm incident last November, which was followed by another exploit.”

“Globally, the number of corporate mobile devices with security software installed is expected to grow over the next four years, according to a Juniper Research statement released in January. However, by 2014, less than 20 percent of handsets are expected to be protected.”


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