Friday, March 24, 2023

Asiaspace Amax: We are doing “network re-engineering”

Asiaspace claims that they are still in business- “AsiaSpace Amax is shutting down?“.

It appears is now back online but there were no notification regarding their “network re-engineering” at the point of writing.

The company is blaming Telekom Malaysia(TM) for the problems they are facing as it now choose to build their own backhaul instead of using TM’s “expensive” metro-E network.

“We are replacing all our metro-E link or backhaul with microwave link, which is much more cheaper and serves the same purpose, so why should we pay more to TM?” Asiaspace chairman Datuk Abdul Ghani Abdullah said in response to TheStar newspaper.

The WiMAX operator said that it has informed all its 2,000 subscribers via SMS and e-mail that it will not charge users of its Amax service from May 1 till the completion of the network re-engineering. But Asiaspace did not mention when the network re-engineering will complete.

Here’s a copy of their SMS:

Dear Sir/Madam, Please be informed that our service will be
interrupted for a certain period due to network re-engineering and this may cause service instability. You will not be charged from 1 May 2010 onwards and please be assured of better quality of service in the near future. Thank you for being a loyal subscriber.

It has appointed Huawei as the vendor and will spend RM20mil for the new backhaul facilities(microwave link).

“We really did not have a choice when we were negotiating as they are an incumbent and no other player has that kind of network.”

“It is something about the way TM’s wholesale department sells the backhaul facilities. Even if we are using half the facilities, we still have to pay full,’’ Ghani said.

I still don’t understand why only now Asiaspace is complaining about the expensive price charged by TM when it could have done it months back. Also Asiaspace did not announce the time line for the “network re-engineering”. Should their subscribers wait for Asiaspace to complete the process or should they move to other ISPs?

Read the full article written by B.K Sidhu over here- Asiaspace: High TM charges prompt network re-engineering

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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