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Streamyx+Netbook packages as low as RM38

From Left: YB Dato’ Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim, Minister of Information, Communication and Culture and Dato’ Zamzamzairani Mohd Isa, Group Chief Executive Officer, TM unveiling the low-cost broadband package, Pakej Jalur Lebar TM dengan Komputer 1Malaysia

As part of the National Broadband Initiative (NBI), Telekom Malaysia and the Malaysia Government have launched a broadband and netbook package called “Pakej Jalur Lebar TM dengan Komputer 1Malaysia” specifically for lower-income households.

The new package starts from RM38 per month for 24 months. The RM38 package comes with 384Kbps Streamyx and a netbook called Komputer 1Malaysia.

Consumers have the options to go for higher speed at cheaper price(4Mbps at RM88) or choose the HP Netbook at a slightly higher price. Those who signed up for the new package will receive:

  • Streamyx broadband Internet access with speeds starting from 384Kbps
  • One (1) Komputer 1Malaysia or Hewlett Packard (HP) Netbook with 160GB or 250 GB hard disk, 1 GB memory with integrated Webcam and WiFi capability plus FREE delivery anywhere nationwide
  • One (1) FREE Streamyx Zone account and access
  • One (1) FREE wireless modem with a 12-month warranty period
  • One (1) Streamyx email account ([email protected])
  • Add-on choice of the RM10 Call Plan
  • Waiver of installation fees (RM88) and activation fees (RM75)

Full press release and detailed packages after the jump.

As part of the National Broadband Initiative (NBI) which seeks to enhance broadband access to more people in the country, Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), in collaboration with the Government of Malaysia, today launched a broadband and netbook package specifically for lower-income households. The new package, called “Pakej Jalur Lebar TM dengan Komputer 1Malaysia” will offer low income families a combination of both a netbook and Streamyx broadband access from just RM38 per month for 24 months.

The broadband and netbook package was launched by the Minister of Information, Communications and Culture, YB Dato’ Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim at a ceremony held in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. Also present was Dato’ Zamzamzairani Mohd Isa, Group Chief Executive Officer of TM.

At the launch event, YB Dato’ Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim praised TM’s initiative in coming out with a low-cost broadband package specifically for lower-income earners.

“The government is pushing hard the initiatives to provide broadband to the whole country as the economical and social benefits are enormous and far-reaching. Achieving a 50 per cent household penetration rate by the end of the year should result in a tangible contribution of one per cent to the GDP and creating 135,000 new jobs while in 2012, it will be 1.39 per cent to the GDP and 220,000 new jobs. With the tagline “Broadband for All”, the National Broadband initiative will ensure that all Malaysians, either in the suburbs, rural or remote areas, have access to broadband services. The NBI was envisioned to transform Malaysia into a knowledge society and to leapfrog into a high-income economy by 2020.”

“We want to expand the government’s efforts in providing broadband services to the masses, including those staying in the villages. The government is also addressing the issue of affordability by providing needy segments of society affordable broadband services. We want to connect the rakyat to each other, to communities and broadband is the window to a world of opportunities. With broadband, rakyat will have access to the Internet, information and services that he can capitalize on to improve his social economic standing. This is to ensure that the rural folks will not be left out from this national usage of information, communications technology. I’m certainly excited with the introduction of this attractive entry packages with personal computers and subscriptions for individuals and households by TM.

With this, rural communities in hard-to-reach places can now use broadband to gather useful information and have access to services at their fingertips. I would like to urge the rakyat especially the community here in Jelebu to take this up and reap the enormous benefits that broadband can offer,“ YB Dato’ Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim elaborated.

Dato’ Zamzamzairani hoped that TM’s new low-cost broadband and netbook package would encourage families, especially the youth, to pick up ICT skills and knowledge, improve prospects and opportunities and enjoy a whole new world of entertainment and networking for business and social purposes.

“With this affordable PC bundle option, TM is stepping up its effort in championing the cause to support the government’s move towards wider PC and broadband penetration rates throughout the country. We hope this new affordable package will enable more Malaysians to jump on the broadband bandwagon. This package is very suitable for families who have school going children to fully embrace ICT in every facet of their lives be it for knowledge, work, education and entertainment purposes. We hope to expand broadband connectivity among the community through the introduction of this package so that this digital lifestyle can be enjoyed by all levels of the society,” said Dato’ Zamzamzairani.

In conjunction with the launch, 30 early adopters of the package comprising residents from around Jelebu received their netbooks from the Minister.

To be eligible to subscribe for the Broadband with Netbook Package, the potential subscriber must meet the following criteria:

  • The individual must be from households with a monthly income of RM3,000 and below for rural residents throughout the country.
  • The individual must be from households with a month income of RM5,000 and below for those staying at urban areas

TM’s broadband package comes with a choice of two netbooks and with Streamyx Internet speeds from 384 Kbps onwards. Consumers may select a netbook from Komputer 1Malaysia from only RM38 per month or Hewlett Packard (HP) netbook with minimal additional fee. The eligible subscribers will receive:

  • Streamyx broadband Internet access with speeds starting from 384Kbps
  • One (1) Komputer 1Malaysia or Hewlett Packard (HP) Netbook with 160GB or 250 GB hard disk, 1 GB memory with integrated Webcam and WiFi capability plus FREE delivery anywhere nationwide
  • One (1) FREE Streamyx Zone account and access
  • One (1) FREE wireless modem with a 12-month warranty period
  • One (1) Streamyx email account ([email protected])
  • Add-on choice of the RM10 Call Plan
  • Waiver of installation fees (RM88) and activation fees (RM75)

For those who prefer higher bandwidth, they can opt for higher speed packages starting from 512Kbps to 4Mbps with minimal incremental fee of RM15 per month.

The various package options for both Komputer 1Malaysia and HP netbooks, as well as the different access speeds, are as follows:

Access Speeds Streamyx + Komputer 1Malaysia netbook (For the 1st 24 months and beyond) (RM) Streamyx + HP Netbook (RM)
1st 24 months From the 25th month onwards
384Kbps 38 59 38
512Kbps 53 74 53
1Mbps 68 89 68
2Mbps 83 104 83
4Mbps 88 109 88

TM currently has over 2,300 Streamyx Zone locations nationwide at selected public places in major cities such as shopping malls, al fresco cafes, F&B outlets such as Pizza Hut, Secret Recipe and Burger King, airports, convention centres, hotels, university campuses, hospitals, golf club houses and many more. To spot a Streamyx Zone location, simply look out for the Streamyx Zone sign at your local eatery or shopping mall.

This service can be accessed with a laptop, PDA, Tablet PC or other mobile devices with standard Wi-Fi capability (802.11b/g wireless LAN standard) at any Streamyx Zone nationwide. Users can conveniently check their e-mail, browse the Internet, make phone calls via Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service, watch video streaming and blog, among others. Users only need to open their web browser and key-in their username and password. Once connected, users can enjoy broadband speeds of up to 384kbps and 100% mobility within the range of the access point.

Consumers can sign up for TM’s new package at the nearest TMpoint or any of their local TM-appointed dealers or via TM road-shows that will be held at specific areas nationwide. Customers who are interested in finding out more about TM’s low-cost Pakej Jalur Lebar TM dengan Komputer 1Malaysia can call 100 for further details.

For more information on TM, please visit www.tm.com.my.

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  • y11

    what brand of netbook??

    • Crona_07


  • TMbest

    does TM staff think that by going to TM point and sitting at their desk means they are working?!? most of the TM point’s staff still unaware of this promo! each TM point and 100 is telling different things about this promo. Wondering how does TM work??!

    • MatAwang

      Thats the reason I’ve change to a different BB provider, their customer service really sucks, No changes since Telekom time only the uniform. Please wake up tm, I bet if any of their staff be place in a real company by 10am they will vomit and ran home

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  • LOL

    when can get netbook if i today to install?

  • LOL

    when can get netbook if i today to install?

    • Azwin69

      hai..sy ingin memilih pakej ini,bagaimana caranya..bleh ke syterus pergi kecawangan TM yg ada d labuan?

      • fath134

        awak pergi kat TM dan tanya dulu pasal stremix 1 malaysia dan diaorang akan beritahu kamu sendiri……

  • wkakakak

    ada rm 38 monthly bayar sampai bila-bila??
    dan akan naik kah harga ??

  • Razali_117

    siapa kah yang layak memiliki netbook 1 malaysia…
    1.murid sekolah luar bandar
    2.belia tidak berkerja tetap
    3.penduduk tetap luar bandar
    4.yang mampu memiliki

    • lmst

      org berpendapatan 3 k kebawah utk di kampung dan 5k kebawah utk dibandar

      • Razali_117

        saya sudah bertanya kepada pegawai TM point di kluang,yang menyatakan hanya pelajar universiti saja yang layak memohon,jadi bagaimana ada yang mengatakan pendapatan 3 k kebawah?.
        kurang jelas…..

        • Razali_117

          Pegawai tersebut tidak menyebut langsung pasal 3 k kebawah untuk orang2 kampong dan 5k untuk orang bandar…hanya menyebut untuk pelajar universiti sahaja…apa yang saya lihat dalam ketalog memang benar apa yang disebut oleh pegawai itu..

  • Poknikmey

    yang en razali dpt info tu maybe yg lama dulu. saya baru jea daftar semlm. saya dapat info mengatakan yg netbook percuma nie hanya untuk 1 juta org yg terawal shj. tp bergantung pd tempat, samada ada talian TM @ x.

  • Mochaguy22

    OMG the internet speed is soooooooooo slow!!!!! Get faster internet speed lah Malaysia!!!

    • Adersajerr

      are u willing to pay more for 20mbps connection?..

  • Qazleen

    berapa lama perlu di tunggu selepas stremx di pasang utk dptkan netbook?????saya da tgu lebih 2 minggu

    • Godkidzz

      me also, already wait 3week after jalur lebar activate, but netbook haven’t receive.

    • anon

      i got mine after 2-3 weeks as promised.

  • Ann

    Cheating!!! Last week go to TM apply “Pakej Jalur Lebar Dengan Netbook” this package, but they said this package just open for few selected area only, not all resident can apply!!! Unfair for existing customer!!!

    • Alan

      Yes! I agree. Even staff in kedai TM in Klang also donno about this pakej. ask to call 100 then 100 ask to go to kedai telekom, what the louzy services.

    • Asan_power

      yes Tm Jalur Lebar for selected area and also consideration from tm staff.
      i live at keramat and apply at bangsar TM point. They not promote you about this promotion but u have ask them about this. They can check on their system if ur area will selected and easy for TM to install.Easy for them is about ur area have a cable or line. I apply last week and the came to my house 3 days after for install telephone and another 4 days they come to install streamyx..then they said another 2 weeks for netbook delivery…

    • anne

      yup…TM staffs sucks! a rep at the counter said 1 thing and another said a totally different thing!.. if u wanna monopolized the broadband biz in malaysia then do a good job at it!!! if x open it to companies who are willing to do so..

  • Maula

    Cawangan TM Banting teruk la psl dr prtghn bln 6 sye nk psg telepon umah same internet sekali, tp pekerje TM tu ckp xde tiang telepon dr bln 6 tu smpai la skrg bln 8 nk pose, ape pekerja TM buat dorg xkerje ke, terlalu lame nk tgu, tp smpai ble??? hal mcm ni bole buat Aduan Rakyat sbb mcm dorg x bekerja…tlg siasat perkare ni psl membuang tenaga kluarge sye & sye ulang-alik ke Banting dgn tgn kosong…

  • Ng Yoke Har

    Saya selaku pelanggan setia streamyx ingin membuat aduan terhadap kegagalan saya dalam pemohonan i-cool package. Ini adalah kerana rakan-rakan sekuliah saya yang mengikut kursus sarjana di UPSI telah berjaya dalam permohonan tersebut. Mereka sangat puashati dengan netbook hp yang diberikan percuma dengan package streamyx yang ditandatangani kerana ini telah banyak meringankan bebanan dari segi kewangan dan keselesaan dengan size netbook yang sesuai dimasukkan dalam bag. Netbook hp juga begitu senang dibawa ke mana-mana dan ini dapat membolehkan kami dalam usaha menyiapkan tugasan kami. Saya adalah pelajar kursus sarjana yang perlu menggunakan elauan saya sendiri oleh sebab itu saya amat perlukan netbook hp itu untuk menolong saya menyiapkan assigment dan tesis saya. Saya amat menghargai dan menyokong package yang telah ditawarkan oleh pihak streamyx dan saya amat berharap pihak streamyx dapat membuat pertimbangan semula atas permohonan saya. Segala keputusan dan pertimbangan daripada pihak streamyx saya dahului dengan ucapan jutaan terima kasih.

  • Siti_kmpp85

    promotion streamyx 1 malaysia ini sehingga tarikh akhirnya bila?

  • Nat_nomis

    Does the netbook package subscription fee cover the TM fixed line rental fee or would it be billed in addition to package fee of RM38/mth?

  • streamyx

    actually boleh jer register n tarikh ttp tak der lagi takat nie. klw nk sng pakai agent jer, tm point ngn 100 mmg tak sama klw caka aku pun dah naik busan dah. lg 1 klw nak pasang tue make sure korng deal bbtul knkadang janji masa nk pasang mmg manis tp dah register, huh dia abai jer korang. so plan tuk kebaikan bersama :). camner pun aku mm sokong ssgt aper yg dah tm wat skng cuma speed dia jer….baru 4mb tp aku ader dgr masa budget 2010 dulu bkn ker nak pasang smpai 10Mb….mana pegi janji2 manis tue ……..

  • waiting to receive netbook…..

  • Cincayos_91

    xde ke mohon scara on9???….

  • Cincayos_91

    xde ka mohon scara on9…>????

  • Mrbadlisyah

    actually quite shocked when i heard about tm with notebook packages or what so ever… yesterday my sis call,,,,when i asked to her, she said that the notebook already at home…and internet line will be set up on next week…. *wondering* and * unbelievable* coz she said the notebook is free .. may i know about term and condition clearly (selain bayaran rm38 for the 1st 24 months)

  • Amy Cheeyin

    komputer 1Malaysia nebook is means wat brand??

  • faizal

    saya dah langan internet dah nak sebulan tapi masih tidak dapat netbook lagi…dalam perjanjian, cakap saya boleh dapat netbook dalam masa 2 minggu tapi ni dah nak dekat sebulan…

    • faizal

      di kawasan saya iaitu felda bersia,gerik,perak….semua orang yang melangan package ni dah dapat netbook tapi saya masih tidak dapat…

  • J.F

    Lol, most of the student who get this laptop are hyperactive and prone-absent(escape) class students in my school. Even student who already quit school also have their name on list! Not fair. Most science class students in my school only a few received this laptop and most of it was the sastera and art class get it. Hope that next year there are still have this kind of netbook given to students and hope that i will have it my own. Id wished longed to have my own. Amin.

  • Thomas5020

    bintulu,sarawak have this package?

  • ming

    walao so slow de steamyx noob la!!!!!!! me no pay money meh so slow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deanboboimahl

    jikalau sudah mendaftar berapa lama dalam masa kerja mendapat
    set netbook tersebut

  • Kctdk

    perak boleh plak nk apply..tapi kat selangor apasal x boleh plak…adakah promosi ni bersangkut paut ngan politik…..perak dibawah BN selangor PKR?????adakah disebabkan ini???????…pomosi ni tu kroni jer ker ….tau duit minyak aku pun dah dkt 30 tuk ulang alik kepejabat tu

  • khalifah

    macam mana nk dapatkan netbook 1 malaysia??

  • Hasamuddin

    Saya dah daftar dan dah bayar RM30.00 namun sampai sekarang dah hampir 2 bulan masih belum nampak lagi streamyx dan netbook.
    Penghuni Taman Mutiara, WP labuan.

  • Jack_lxk

    adakah pelan ini boleh guna tanpa had

  • Jack_lxk

    this pakej can use for unlimitted

  • faizal amizan

    sye nk daftar untuk tmpoint leh x????
    untuk dapat neetbook…

  • Rakhiyah

    Tahniah kepada TM melancarkan pakej yang menjiwai rakyat kenapa? talian tetap + jalurlebar 1mbps+ tanpawayar + komputer netbook + kadar pangilan rata semalaysia = RM99 = sangatlah berbaloi.
    Tapi ironinya menunggu pakej ini lengkap sepenuhnya dihantar kepada pengguna mengambil masa 2 bulan dari tarikh pendaftaran. Daftar > 2 minggu kemudian > Talian telefon dipasang > 1 bulan kemudian > modem wireless dihantar > 1bulan kemudian baru komputer riba diterima… Panggialan ‘follow-up’ pula seperti ada skrip 10 kali telefon (melalui line 103) jawapan pasti pada satu piawa jawapan yang sama… sedang diproses… tunggu tiga hari…. setiap 3 hari telefon selama 10 kali jawapannya sama sahaja… nbelum lagi masa dan kos yang dibazirkan menunggu “operator kami sedang sibuk anda akan dilayan sebentar lagi” hampir berpuluh kali ayat yang sama diulang dengar barulah operator sebenar melayan panggilan..
    sangat IRONI bagi pembekal jalurlebar….

    • Hasamuddin

      Sangat berbaloi baloi……saya dah menunggu 2 mgu sebelum Ramadhan 2010 sampai sekarang (17/12/2010) masih tak ade feedback…..ini le yang dikatekan RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN PENCAPAIAN DIUTAMAKAN…..dari apa yang saya tahu bahawasanya kawan2 je yang dapat lebih2 lagi sdare mare durang. Kalau call tanye, jawapanya adalah dalam proses. Rasenye dah banyak duit habis untuk call je……ntahle TM Rakan Niaga yang handle…..saya masih menunggu hingga sekarang.

  • Mustika21

    Payah Nak Dapatkan Komputer 1Malaysia. Apalah Susah Sangat Nak Dapatkan Satu.

  • Fooleehua

    sye nak dafter tp mcm ne…? pe alamat sesawang nye…

  • Sandra

    i prefer celcom burukband ….at least it can bring anywhere

  • Hasnorma

    Cita-cita saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia ingin menikmati netbook 1 Malaysia + streamyx dengan pakej RM38 tak kesampaian…dah daftar sebelum ramadhan 2010 sehingga sekarang masih belum ada bayang apa yang dijanjikan….pendaftaran dah RM30.00 dibayar….harap jangan cakap saja. (sentiasa menunggu – WP Labuan)

  • kiki

    does dis plan still available???

  • Yusrina_lovelycat88

    macam mane nak tahu layak untuk dapat ini… ? saya penuntu tuniversiti dan masih ada adik yang belajar di politeknik dan bersekolah… kami duduk di bandar tapi pendapatan keluarga bawah rm1000 sebulan… kami tak pernah dapat bantuan ape2 kecuali biasiswa ketika bersekolah dahulu… tak pernah dapat peruntukan yang disampaikan oleh kerajaan….

  • avy

    may i know can i upgrade the streamyx speed since i just have tis for 3 weeks??? i call 100 ask..they ask me call TM…i ask TM they ask me call 100….so i dunno where can i ask??? thanks<3

  • Jong

    are this package still available? in sarawak, is it the income for the sarawakians RM 5,000? i heard it in sarawak radio.

  • Mr_fa_acer

    package ni ade lg x?

  • Hasamuddin

    Tahniah, TM dah berjaya melancarkan Netbook 1 Malaysia+streamyx bagi kategori pelajar dan golongan berpendapatan isi rumah kurang daripada RM3,000. Saya dengan bangganya telah mendaftar dan bayar pendaftaran RM30.00 sejak 2 minggu sebelum Ramadhan 2010 yang lalu. Dengan sabar saya menunggu penuh harapan anak-anak saya yang ingin menikmati pemberian kerajaan melalui TM Rakan Niaga yang sangat-sangat perihatin terhadap rakyat. Slogan Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan dah lapuk barangkali walau setahun jagung. Bukan salah kerajaan sebab dah janjikan begitu tetapi mungkin salah saya kerana memohon sehingga membuatkan kami anak beranak masih menunggu ….agaknye sampai kiamat kot.

  • Manijoh

    Dah apply tapi macam-macam alasan, netbook habislah, kena upgradela, last sekali masuk streamyx tapi tak dapat netbook, nak kena info kat rais yatim perkara ni….

  • Greenfindords_287

    nak jugak..tapi macam mana nk dpat??



  • Alok_lampard08

    assalam.kum…ada lagi ke tawaran lptop 1malaysia ni??kalau ada bagi tau scara elok elok,sy amat mmrlukan nye…kluarga sy bkn drpd org brada..sy nk smbung blaja di giatmara dn prlu mmliki laptop ni utk mmbuat krja krja yg ckgu beri nnti…kalau ada boleh hubungi nmbor sy di talian 0175182214…

  • Lawrence

    pakej ini masih ade lagi ke?

  • amiruls

    yang dah pasang steamyx dah satahun blh dapat ke???
    kew yg bru nk buat streamy bru dapat…????

  • Yugi_7732

    Pakej ni masih availbable lg ?

  • yie6250

    salam semua,aku sekarang ni memang bengang sangat pasal pakej internet 1 malaysia, aku baru saja mohon talian baru sudah di pasang “streamyx pakej 384kbps note book hp”.akhirnya pmohonan aku di tolak atas sbb PORT tadak di kawasan aku, aku tggl di kuala besut terengganu. sepatutnya dan seeloknya pihak TM periksa dulu port di DI kawasan aku sebelum membuat sebarang promosi yg MENAKJUBKAN,tapi sekarang ni lain jdnya aku kena tanggung BIL TM sewa bulanan tetap berjalan,yg sebenarnya aku bkn nk sangat talian tetap. Yg aku nk ialah streamyx.PADA PIHAK YG BERKENAAN SEBELUM MEMBUAT PROMOSI JALUR LEBAR YG HEBAT2 SEMAKLAH DULU “PORT” KAWASAN BARU PROMOT, JANGAN TIPU ORANG RAMAI.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nett

    kualiti netbook 1 malaysia berkualiti ke?

  • Zino_lok

    ada lagi tak?

  • BadJai

    aku register dari tengah bulan 1 lagi pakej ni..sampai sekarang x dapat2..pegi tanya cakap duk dlm proses la ape la…sampai bila lagi mau tunggu ni..

  • Shar_mine

    saya apply untuk 1mb..rm 89 per month.. after 24 month… but tm ni bgi sy 512 kpbs je… saya dah 15 month pakai.. tipu org je la… sekarang nak sy upgrade lagi kalau slow….. memang lah slow u org dah tipulah..u org simpan kat plan rate/permonth lain dari yang di caj.. kamu orang boleh datang kat rumah saya .. u org bagi sy 512kpbs untuk rm 89 per plus rm10 untuk free call. that mean sy kena bayar rm 99++ every month… for (not my package)

  • Shar_mine

    oops sorry…. wrong….54 mbps is not same with 512 kbps..sorry 2 tm

  • ajep

    berminat nak hubungi sapo neh?

  • nana

    masih ada lagi ke tahun 2013

  • aliza

    mcm mane nak apply..??bayaran permulaan berape kne eyh..adakan klau kita ambik pakage rm 38 tu..bayaran permulaan rm38 gak,