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Bid, don’t lobby, for spectrum

The lobbying for more bandwidth has begun.

The speed at which the lobbyists are working is amazing and it comes just days after the public inquiry on the drafts spectrum plan closes.

The public feedback is not digested yet but the rumour mill is on an overdrive as at stake are two spectrums – the 700Mhz and 2.6G.The talk is that these two – the entire 700Mhz block and a third of the 2.6G – are supposed to be allocated to one party, it looks like a directive and it has to be allocated super fast. Those involved may just have about a week to justify why it should be dished out.

Why and how are questions that have remained unanswered. But it is unthinkable if any party can get away with two spectrums so fast when the draft for spectrum re-farming has yet to be endorsed.

That is what irks some of the players who are potential contenders for the spectrum.

The two are supposed to be frequencies that can be used for the next generation LTE (long term evolution) technologies.

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