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Maxis claims 1st to offer Mobile ads(in 2010), Celcom launched it in 2004

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As mentioned yesterday- Maxis has launched myDeals, a permission based mobile advertising for its subscribers. The interesting thing here is not the service but the claim that Maxis is the first to offer this service in Malaysia and Asia.

During the press conference, Maxis said that previous “mobile advertising” service in Malaysia was probably trialled and never launched.

Since that is not true, I present Celcom’s permission based mobile advertising called Get Mad launched sometime in the year 2004.Read the article below from TheStar(click):

(Source: With permission from About Communications)

Also check out Telekom Malaysia’s 2004 annual report here(search Get Mad in the PDF or open page 116). Note that Celcom also claimed 1st in Asia.

On top of that Celcom offered SMS, MMS and EMS ads. Maxis currently offers SMS and MMS ads, plus something not new- ads on mobile portals(via Mobucks).

Looks like Maxis needs a little bit MORE checking before making a claim like this.

More details on myDeals can be found on this page.

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