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Reader’s Letter: DiGi has no coverage inside Istana Budaya

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Letter from Allan:(DiGi Responded Below)

I went to “Istana Budaya Kuala Lumpur” yesterday night for a Musical KITA performance:

But what make me disappointed is, DiGi (Always the smarter choice) has no coverage at all when inside the hall. I tried to change the network from “dual mode” to “UMTS” and to “GSM”, but it is no joy. I also tried to make a manual network search, but I only found Maxis and Celcom.

Seriously speaking, this is not an unknown place, is our KL culture hall and lots of VIPs present yesterday night. When the show ended, I also heard many people saying that their DiGi line also have no coverage and even there are people throwing out some bad words.I am a long time supporter of DiGi, and have never think off to migrate to another operator, but yesterday incident really disappointed me. i have an urgent sms/e-mail to send out, but I am not able to do so.

So, DiGi, what can you say?


Response from DiGi:

Based on our investigation, the building management of Istana Budaya has installed signal jammers at every floor of their building to disrupt all network signals, not just DiGi. This is to prevent any disturbances from the audience’s mobile phones during performances. Apparently, mobile phone usage in the auditorium is strictly prohibited.

Anyone found using a phone during a show will be flashed with laser lights by the security guards to remind them of this. When a show is on, all signal jammers will be switched on to disrupt as much as possible all incoming network signals into the auditorium and the connecting corridors leading to the auditorium. If anyone needs to make a call, they can do so at the lobby area, where there is coverage.

Hope this clarifies the situation.

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