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A response from the ex-CEO of Ruumz

When I first wrote “If I was the CEO of Ruumz…”, it was never my intention to make Ruumz of the ex-CEO of Ruumz to look bad. Instead I wanted to hear from the ex-CEO himself.

The objective was to get the truth out there because I knew that the nice people who work in the corporate communication of P1 and Green Packet wouldn’t want to reply to this(Note that they did not even bother to reply my post).

I would love to reply to what James Chong(the ex-CEO of Ruumz) has said since almost everything he said are debatable but I would leave the question mark out there for P1 and Green Packet as I know that they are reading all these.

As for now, check out the blog entry from the ex-CEO of Ruumz over here.

P.s:  Best of luck James!

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