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Keep your Blackberry safe with BlackBerry Protect

Research In Motion(RIM) recently announced a new application called BlackBerry Protect that allows you to control, locate and protect your phone, remotely.

The security application which is still in Beta until later this year gives access to a Blackberry user to remotely control their device, via the Blackberry Protect web portal.

Some of the things that Blackberry users could do is remotely wipe or lock their device, backup their data wirelessly(Contacts, Calendar; Memos and Tasks; Browser Bookmarks and Text Messages), locate their Blackberry via GPS/cell tower, and activate the “loud ring” feature.

Basically the “loud ring” feature activates a loud Blackberry ring tone to the maximum volume, so users can locate their nearby misplaced phone in case it is left in silent mode.

Currently available as a limited beta release, only lucky members of the Blackberry Beta Zone will be able to try it out first.

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