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New RM48 broadband package from Celcom

Update 1(Aug 11, 5pm): Clarification from Celcom-

With reference to the press release entitled “Celcom Broadband Introduces New Entry Package to Encourage Higher Broadband Penetration Rate” issued on Wednesday, 4 August 2010, we would like to retract the second sentence on the last paragraph that states “To improve browsing experience, Celcom has also installed local caching in collaboration with Google and Akamai.” due to the confidentiality of the subject matter.

Correction: Broadband Basic offers a 3GB monthly quota, not 5GB


Celcom has introduced a new broadband package called Broadband Entry at RM48 per month for 1GB with speeds up to 384Kbps.

Also, current Broadband Basic users who has been paying RM68 per month for 384Kbps will now enjoy faster speed up to 512Kbps and 3GB5Gb monthly quota.

The company claims that it will introduce Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) 900Mhz in rural areas to provide wider 3G coverage. At the end of the year, Celcom aims to cover at least 76% of the human population. There’s also plan to upgrade its network to HSPA+.

Sign up in August 2010 and enjoy a RM10 rebate for 3-months, details here.

Mobile World reported that as of the first quarter 2010, Celcom had 52.7% share of the wireless broadband market, followed by Maxis with 25.5%, Packet One Networks (P1) with 13.7% and DiGi with 6.4%, while the rest altogether had 1.7%.

The press release below also claims that Celcom has installed local caching in collaboration with Google and Akamai.

Jefri Ahmad Tambi, Director of Broadband (middle); Rohaya Yusof, Vice President of Broadband Technology (right) and Harcharan Singh, Head of Broadband and Product Commercial (left)

KUALA LUMPUR, 4 AUGUST 2010 – Celcom Axiata Berhad [formerly known as Celcom (Malaysia) Berhad] is proud to announce its new Broadband packages that start from as low as RM48 per month, as compared with RM68 per month previously. During the promotional period, starting now till end of August, all new signups for Celcom Broadband packages will be offered a RM10 discount, bringing the price even lower to RM38, for the first three months. This revamp is also in line with the Government’s call for more affordable packages to encourage higher broadband penetration, especially in rural areas. The Entry Package also comes with FREE USB modem, offering volume of 1Gb at 384Kbps.

“Now, Celcom Broadband offers package differentiation both in terms of speed and volume allocated which we believe will better suit our customers’ myriad usage behaviour and lifestyle. Besides that, the launch of these new packages is to further lower the entry barrier to broadband to increase broadband penetration, in line with the National Broadband Plan,” said Jefri Ahmad Tambi, Celcom’s Director of Broadband.

The introduction of these new packages is in conjunction with Celcom’s market leadership in mobile broadband since its inception three years ago and also in celebration of Celcom having been acknowledged as the “Wireless Data Service Provider of the Year” during the recent 2010 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards held in Singapore as well as garnering the “Broadband Service Provider of the Year” Award at the 2010 Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Telecoms Awards.

“These awards served as great motivation to enhance our current momentum as the number one mobile broadband service provider in Malaysia and also the catalysts for us to continue excelling beyond expectations of our stakeholders and customers. At Celcom, we are committed to constantly improve our network capacity to meet broadband traffic growth and to enhance our customer experience,” Jefri further added.

Amongst the planned activities to improve Celcom’s network quality includes upgrading of existing sites and enhancing its network coverage. Coverage wise, Celcom is the only mobile broadband service provider that covers almost all districts nationwide.  On top of that, 900 additional new sites nationwide will be installed by end of the year. Celcom will also introduce Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) 900 in rural areas to provide extended 3G service. At the end of the year, Celcom aims to cover at least 76% of the population.

Celcom has also planned to increase its capacity by four fold by end of the year via upgrading its existing sites to High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) or High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA), migrating its sites to Internet Protocol-enabled (IP-enabled) base stations and fiberising all key backhaul nodes. To improve browsing experience, Celcom has also installed local caching in collaboration with Google and Akamai. Celcom has also commissioned new IP transit in Kuching to cater for increasing broadband demand in Sabah and Sarawak.

For more information, please log onto www.celcom.com.my/broadband

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  • rm48/mon with only 1 gb of usage? sucks man. at least it should have 3gb

    and current rm68/mon should stay at 5gb/mon

    higher speed with lower monthly limit? that is plain stupid

  • Wutakcheck

    at least they are doing something to address the under priviledges that they has been exploiting for so far. unlike you people the buffet mentality..everything has to be more and more, though you averaging it don’t use over 200M over a week on your handset, unless you solely depend on only single internet subscriptions? mobile broadband will never replace fiber/home broadband.

    don’t like it continue stick to your maxis unreliable MBB la… as simple as that.

  • Vincent9300

    Izzat, digi Daytime Plan RM38 for 3GB! forget Celcom lah

  • Teh0063ovi

    Sudah ketinggalan zaman kelajuan hanya 384kbps.

  • 348kbps is acceptable, not enough speed? then upgrade lah.. simple.

    but 1GB quota? that is definitely not enough. 🙁

    one question, can rm48 package combine with celcom postpaid executive plan?

  • celcom introduce a lousier plan… now maxis 1.5GB at uncap speeds at RM48 is the best cheapest plan

  • yesimastudent

    512kbps with 3GB plan? wtfffff. plus, no more RM5 for 1GB and RM20 for 5GB if i wanted to buy. they’re now charging people RM15 for 1GB and RM50 for 5GB. Overprice CELCOM!! thanks!

  • celcomuser

    “Also, current Broadband Basic users who has been paying RM68 per month for 384Kbps will now enjoy faster speed up to 512Kbps and 5Gb monthly quota.”

    please check your facts. the celcom website does not say so.

  • i dont like this new package

  • tension

    what happening to celcom ,, with the huge celcom user they become more lazy ,, come on la celcom plss upgrade ur speed unless u dare to loose your customer

  • Please Celcom need to palay more action to compete with Maxis Broadband which give more attractive offer then others….please consider for your future business penetrated…..