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Sony Ericsson to release PlayStation phone?

In the same way that analysts spent years saying that Apple should launch a phone, before one finally came about, the other most obvious prediction – that Sony should release a PlayStation game-oriented phone, has been going around the industry for the past four years.

A year ago, we wrote off the idea by saying that if it wasn’t out by Christmas there would be no point. But word has leaked out that this is exactly what is planned, carried as a leaked certainty by Engadget along with a mock-up photo and the idea that it will be out in time for THIS Christmas.

The thrust of the idea is that the phone is being worked on to target the Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) operating system. It would be a side slider, but instead of a keyboard sliding out from under the landscape screen, a dedicated gaming controller similar to a PSP controller would slide out.

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