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Celcom Blue Cube website got hacked

C-Mobile Sdn. Bhd, the operator of Blue Cube outlets, a fully-owned subsidiary of Celcom (Malaysia) Berhad recently got its website hacked.

The website at www.celcombluecube.com.my is currently under construction for probably a month or two now. Click to enlarge the screenshot below(Note there are some offensive words):

I also notice that the old Blue Cube Twitter account @MyXpax has been tweeting some silly stuff. Some of tweet include “We brought all malaysian bloggers unite“(Sept), “Our coverage is even stronger when it rains“(Aug 13), and a few more tweets that requires some justification. Either the person behind @MyXpax is a fool or probably the Twitter account got hacked as well.

Some of these tweets such as “We are the cheapest“(Sept) could lead to lawsuit and gives the wrong message to its 9++ followers.

I’m not going to alert Celcom on this matter. The last time(plus a few other times) I got in touch with the Corporate Communication department,  I did not received any official response for my questions. Unless they are doing their job, for what they are paid for, I should be getting some sort of replies.

Anyway Celcom, clear your mess.

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