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Celcom to offer iPhone 4?

Too late for Celcom? Maybe not. Rumor out there says that Celcom is in talks with Apple to bring in the iPhone 4 sometime next month to Malaysia.

I’m not sure whether a contract has been signed so far but even if it has been signed it wouldn’t be easy for Celcom to get iPhone 4 stocks from Apple.

Even right now, the green/red and yellow operators does not seems to be satisfied with the current iPhone4 stocks that they have.

A Celcom senior executive declined to comment. The last time I spoke to Celcom(sometime last year) they said that they are interested to offer the iPhone and has been in talks with Apple.

The question here is- Will Celcom be aggressive to beat the current iPhone4 pricing?

If you want me to find out more about Celcom and the iPhone 4, please comment below and I will do my best.

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