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DiGi iPhone 4 Details

Update 1: I’m sorry to disappoint some of you on Twitter. Due to some last minute changes, I can’t reveal further details on the DiGi iPhone 4 as it will put my source in trouble. 24 hours to go before DiGi reveals the plan, stay tuned!


DiGi will be announcing their iDiGi plans for the iPhone 4 tomorrow(September 23), 6PM in PJ. Apparently DiGi doesn’t think that this blog is important, so I did not received any invite until I requested for it.

Here’s some details about the DiGi iPhone 4:

Announcement Date: 23 September 2010

Availability Date: Starting 24 September 2010 at DiGi roadshow in One Utama plus some DiGi Centres(3-5 in KL, 1 in Penang, 1 Ipoh, 1 Seremban)

Pricing/iDiGi plans for the iPhone 4: It cannot be revealed yet. According to a number of my source, only a couple people in DiGi(about 5) knows about the DiGi iPhone 4 plans/pricing. And it also appears that the price can be changed anytime. I believe the final pricing plan for the DiGi iPhone 4 will only be finalised today or tomorrow morning.

DiGi iPhone 4 Stocks: DiGi does not have much stocks of the iPhone 4. I believe DiGi’s stocks are less than 4k and it is possible that they have not received all the iPhone 4 that they ordered. Another thing to note is that the DiGi Centre in SohoKL will probably carry the most iPhone 4(about 200 units) and the rest of the DiGi Centres will only carry about 50-100 units. In comparison, Maxis could have ordered more than 15k units, 1st batch orders (also might not received all of it, but definitely more stocks than DiGi at the moment).

My Comment/Opinion:

DiGi might not compete head-to-head with Maxis this time as they need to “take care” of their shareholders. DiGi is no longer the “consumer’s mobile operator” and its focus right now is to give value to its shareholders(read this). So subsidizing the iPhone 4 will only hurt DiGi’s profit. DiGi also needs to clear their stocks on iPhone 3Gs if they want to order more iPhone 4 from Apple.

Also the 2nd batch orders of the iPhone 4 is expected to only arrive in November-December for both Maxis and DiGi.

Do check out DiGi’s roadshows in One Utama this Friday as it is believed that DiGi might have some special offer for the iPhone 4.

Apple has set 24 September 2010 as the date of availability for the iPhone 4 in Malaysia. DiGi can only announce the iPhone 4 tomorrow(23 September) and it is probably a breach of contract with Apple if they display the device. Maxis starts selling at 11.59pm midnight on the same day.

More updates tomorrow or as I receive it.

NOTE: None of the above has been confirmed by Apple, DiGi or Maxis.

P.s: I can’t reveal any further details as my source could be in trouble

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