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DiGi iPhone 4 starts at RM58 a month

This is the only available info on pricing until 6pm for the DiGi iPhone 4 plans. Get DiGi iPhone 4 starting at RM58/month.

Some of my source claims that customers might be bound to a 2-3 years contact at this price, which means the iPhone 5 and 6 will be out by then.

Also on 25 & 26 September 2010, get special deal at DiGi roadshow located at Quill Automobiles (BMW showroom), Jalan Semangat, Petaling Jaya from 10am to 10pm.

Save an extra RM100:
• Trade-in any old phone in any condition
• OR, switch to DiGi (MNP port-in)

Special Deals:
Port-in & get your iPhone 4 immediately!
Enjoy these special offers:
• Up to 40% discount of branded iPhone accessories
• Lucky Draws with fantastic prizes

Here’s a list of DiGi Centres where you can buy the iPhone 4, click here.

More details after 6pm today.

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