Saturday, June 3, 2023

Maxis 1Store- 1st Malaysia App Store

Remember the Maxis 1Store?

According to Maxis, the 1Store allows customers to explore and purchase content and applications that are downloadable to their mobile devices while developers are provided with an easy-to-use platform and tools for application development for local and global markets.

Maxis will officially open the 1Store to the public tomorrow but sadly it will only be available to Maxis subscribers. Earlier the Maxis 1Store was only open to developers.

In a reply to Malaysian Wireless, Maxis said:

1Store is open only to Maxis subscribers, as certain apps might be developed to take advantage of the exclusive relationship Maxis has with our customers.

Certain apps will be able to tap into our network abilities & perform functions like location-based services, peer-to-peer messaging, in-app charging and so on.

However, while 1Store will help test, validate and market the apps developed by local developers, they are then free to place their apps on other app stores.

While there could only be a small number of apps with “location-based services, peer-to-peer messaging, in-app charging”, Maxis does not see the potential of opening up the App Store to all mobile subscribers in Malaysia regardless of the mobile operator that they are currently on. Charging of those apps can also be done via shortcodes or bank.

More details on Maxis 1Store tomorrow, in the mean time check out

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