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Maxis removes iPhone4 link, waits for iDiGi iPhone 4 plans

Update 1: A source claims that Apple wasn’t happy with Maxis for putting up the Apple iPhone4 pricing on the website too early.


The competition is ON. Maxis who revealed their iPhone 4 plans earlier this week decided to take down the link that pointed to their iPhone 4 plans.

If you visit http://www.maxis.com.my/personal/iphone4, you won’t find any details about their iPhone 4 plans.

While that page(Maxis iPhone4 plans) is still online over here, it is believed that Maxis is re-considering their iPhone 4 packages.

This whole “drama” started when DiGi suddenly decided to reveal their iPhone plans a few hours before Maxis starts selling theirs. The reason is simple, iPhone 4 are limited at the moment and some people may not wait for DiGi (DiGi starts selling after Maxis), so DiGi does not have a choice but to reveal their plans so less people will buy from Maxis.

And to respond to DiGi, Maxis decided to “hide” their iPhone 4 plans. It could be for fun(makes the DiGi iPhone team worried) or Maxis is seriously considering to take DiGi’s challenge in terms of pricing.

Less than 24 hours to go before everything is revealed!

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