Home Network YTL WiMAX allocated 80MHz in the 700MHz band

YTL WiMAX allocated 80MHz in the 700MHz band

It is believed that YTL Communication has been allocated 80Mhz in the 700Mhz band by SKMM. As usual, YTL declined to comment.

Earlier this week, YTL signed an agreement with Sezmi to offer hybrid TV services in Malaysia at the end of 2011. However YTL would require new spectrum/frequency to offer the hybrid TV service.

Source said that YTL will deploy the Sezmi service using DVB-T2(Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation Terrestrial) technology. DVB-T2 is currently used in UK & Italy has been trialled in Spain and Germany.

Currently the 700Mhz is being used for Terrestrial television(TV) broadcast in Malaysia until sometime around 2015. But there are still some unused spectrum in 700Mhz which YTL could use to offer basic hybrid TV services end next year.

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