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YTL WiMAX Not 4G, Not Nationwide, Not Cheapest

Coming this November 18, 2010, YTL will be launching the “4G” WiMAX service that it has been shouting about for the past 1 year.

Looking back at history, YTL acquired the first commercial WiMAX operator in Malaysia, Airzed Broadband Sdn Bhd in 2007. In simple words, YTL had the cash, expertise and strength to roll the WiMAX network way before P1 made history. But then as of December 2008, not a single base station was commercially deployed and they were fined RM1.9 million by the Government for not meeting the deadline.

In November 2009, the WiMAX operator said that it will deploy a “nationwide” network in Malaysia. The fact is, YTL doesn’t have the spectrum/permission to roll out WiMAX in East Malaysia. What does this company mean by a “Nationwide Network” ?

As for coverage, YTL has deployed some 1,000 base station or what it claims as 65% coverage in human populated areas which will be available commercially starting November 18, 2010. These base stations were deployed in a short time period(months), which I believe was done in support of the Prime Minister and the Government.

YTL also ordered some 2,000 picocells, for in-building network coverage. Probably none of them have been deployed. So YTL WiMAX signal reception is going to be weak in places like shopping malls, and you need walk out from that building to make a call on your WiMAX mobile phone. Is this what they call mobility?

As for pricing, YTL said that its customers will be paying for what they have used. In simple word, its going to be a pay-per-use model(probably with Tiers) and its going be expensive if you consume a lot of data. An average P1 customer uses 10GB a month, how much 10Gb will cost on YTL WiMAX YES network?

And finally, it is really embarrassing to see YTL using 4G as a technical term when the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has said NOYES!. Even a recent article on Gizmodo.com also supports the fact that WiMAX is not 4G.

By the way, YTL has another claim- It promises true mobile internet experience to customers.

Let’s wait and see, WE are watching…

In the mean time, check out http://www.yes.my/

P.s: More updates as YTL rolls out their service.

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Kugan is the founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy
  • Azam

    Talk talk talk only…..where the service?

  • who will buy wimax phone?

    • how about WiMAX tablet? I want!

      • if its locked, i wont buy it. and you think WiMAX technology will last long since LTE is coming out very soon?

  • hoh! good 1… tq 4 sharing… yaa lah… these companies, talk like ‘Tasik Chini’ dragon but the service…. okla2… let us see together…

  • guest

    mr kugan typo its 1.9million not 1.9billion. if billion they might go bankrupt

    • Haha..thanks..will correct it…
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone

  • Yunani

    Hi Kugan … pls note some errors:
    1) Acquired BizSurf which had the WiMAX license-bandwidth
    Also acquired Airzed which did not have the above
    2) RM .. million (not billion)

    YTL Comm. may be targeting the “[email protected]” market segment with a “Quad-play” offering rather than the mobile segment.

    • Hi Yunani,

      Corrected the million..thanks!

      As for Airzed, there is no mistake..click the link above “airzed” and read the Mobile World article..

  • Vincent

    bravo..i just about to comment the so called 4G tech… Datuk Yeoh keep confusing Malaysians… what the World First 4G? Come on… T-Mobile and Sprint has done that at USA… cheh

    • Suto

      even those aren’t the real 4G that ITU standardize. T-mobile and Sprint are also using the term 4g as a marketing gimmick just like what the telco did with 3g
      Read this for more info: http://gizmodo.com/5618307/a-tedious-and-personal-history-of-3g

    • Wafa

      world’s first wireless quadplay not 4G. read your facts ;)…….cheh

  • winger

    Mr Wing is a really confident man. Cant wait for the official date

  • KacangPuteh

    Kugan, I agree 100% with you… YTL has just been making too much empty promises (cheapest, national coverage, this and that), and worse still confusing the consumers at large with this 4G thingy. Someone got to do something about this… This is bad for the layman like you and me…

  • Teh0063ovi

    Prepare for worth or worst to our broadband service

  • M Johan

    wimax phone?? how much? which one to use? normal 3.5/4G phone or wimax phone? too many technology la

  • Brandon

    Personally, I think we need to stop being so negative in a lot of things. YTL has over the years proven to be not just a big conglomerate but also with good track record of CSR (corporate social responsibility). Secondly, if you look carefully, YTL has got partners like Clearwire (US-based Wimax operator), Intel, Samsung and GCT (US-based semicon expect on wimax chip), so why is there so much negativity? I mean we may live in a country that’s stuck in the middle class trap but if we just keep sitting in front of the computer and whine all you can, are you helping to bring the country forward? Enough of being negative and let’s wait and see? I believe YTL, being a well-run company with an eye for the future and sustainability would not run a company that would charge higher than other operators would? Economies of scale would ensure that it will be cheaper to roll out at 65% coverage initially, basic economics. I look at it from a view point of an engineer in electronics and with economics background with a tinge of optimism in the midst of such negativity in the country. Two cents worth of opinion.

  • quicktrix

    Hmm, long-time reader here, but I have to say, I’m not sure why you’re throwing so much venom at YTL already…

    In terms of coverage, it seems like you are blasting them for not really being nationwide, based upon your conjecture that service will be bad, which itself is an idea that you have developed based on further conjecture that YTL have neglected to deploy the picocells. Is this confirmed? And even if it is, does this guarantee that coverage will be as bad as you cite?

    Further, you abuse them for claiming to be the cheapest, when in fact they aren’t. Except, you aren’t really sure yourself. You make vague guesses about how P1 might be cheaper for users who consume a lot of data, but don’t really offer any evidence to us. I haven’t seen any information about a detailed pricing plan for what YTL is offering, have you? Perhaps you could share with us? (Please!! :D)

    At this point it seems like you are making guesses that the service will be neither well supported, nor cheap (as per your headlines), but all of your arguments for both are based on broad estimations?

    I don’t want to disparage the site, as I have been a long-time reader and supporter of your work, but seriously, I think that here you’re being a little to cavalier with what you’re saying. I think you’re being a bit too quick to put a damper on what YTL are trying to do… Don’t you think we should be optimistic until PROVEN otherwise?… I want that tablet to work!!

  • Wafa

    I can understand the frustration that Malaysians are having over the current situation of internet connectivity in the country, but having said that I don’t understand your angles of arguments. P1 is not doing anything bad, in fact they are also trying to increase internet connectivity in this country. Surely this is a good thing? Secondly the averages of 10GB, you may have the fact but I’m not so sure. Could it 9/10 people using about 9 GB and 1 of them up to 91GB?
    Not really understanding the sudden scathing attacks. Why attack something that hasn’t launched yet , that could possibly be something good (we have yet to see) for the nation before it is launched. Win a battle but lose the war for the rakyat with articles like these. Such a shame to see a fellow malaysian denouncing progress in this already complacent country. 🙂

  • bohtakchek

    it is not an attack but it is facts… if kugan were to laid it out a monotonous point form, all the facts is right. What he did, kugan is creating awareness. Most malaysia thanks for the education system that has been feeding us ‘tak apa’ can improve one…this kind of standard won’t survive outside malaysia. korean was back us in 1970s, now.. they are ahead of us. so what does it make a country prosper? it’s people’s attitude towards acceptable standard, If we forever comparing buffalo to a cow, we will be forever cow… we need kugan critical thinking and attitude to bring out facts to its naked truth. not vested opinion about a service that is “brandishing” to be good, but still way below existing HSPA+.

    • quicktrix

      What you’re saying is exactly my point… WHERE are the facts? I just would like to see them because it looks to me like both of the arguments are based simply on estimations.

      And as for your point about us in Malaysia requiring an attitude that questions standards and demands better… I don’t disagree with this. I’m just saying that this entire article is predicated on two key points, and that across the entire piece, there are no facts to supprt these points, only conjecture. So the questioning standards… We/Kugan are not even sure what YTL’s standards are, so how can we already question them?

  • John Ian

    why are you such a hater? they didnt invite you to their event? haha kugan stop having a personal vendetta and think with an open mind?

  • Abu Razali

    hi i am a regular reader here. recently the writer seems to have a very negative view of the non-telco players. i dont want to read here anymore. seems like you are ‘Ăşnder the influence’ of the three telco boys. they charge so much for everything. why not give new guy a chance. logging off- never reading again

  • Sarah

    To be begin, I am not sure if this an independent blog of your own or rather agenda or maxis / celcom / digi.

    If the former being the case and your writing is meant to represent any fair judgement, I would suggest some verification on the points of contention that you’ve brought up. In particular, the claim about “not a Nationwide Network” and the ‘undeployed indoor coverage”.

    We all know very well that a launch, is very often represents the first phase of an offering / project, and not necessarily the whole shebang. Such things too soon might sometimes come across as a negative propaganda.

    YTL has the fund and ambition to buy the best of equipment and service. My only worry about them is, can YTL move away from the ‘construction’ business mentality and mindset when it comes to selection of equipment and services. As for the equipment, I have no doubt they are very willing to invest in the best of breed (just as how we will all choose nokia over csl if we can only own one phone). Managed services – maintenance of towers, downtime support etc.. however can be a tricky subject for YTL as a greenfield operator who got used to sourcing process typical of the construction industry – where price is the only factor, the cheapest is the bestest – after all maintenance is just about manpower, right? We can put one man to service 100 towers…? Well, if there is any vulnerability to YTL Yes, this may be it, compromising maintenance support leading to its downfall.

  • Wafa

    What is way behind hspa+? I haven’t even tried their service. I am also an angry broadband user. Having switched from izzi to 3g hspa, the speeds arent even close to our distant neighbours korea. I do however like the unifi service because TM is trying to lay out fibre which will improve the speeds to the home, much like korea where it is 100 percent connectwd by fibre. Having said that i have yet to see a mobile offering of wireless data that 3G guys offer but arent even meeting first world 3g standards. Truth be told, if u look at their coverage maps, they dont really have many 3g base stations besides klang valley ir parts of penang etc. I really hope ytl gets their act together and brings a service to all malaysians at an affordable price. Until then i’m anticipating whether they can deliver the task.

  • Kura2

    5~8Mbps @ Rm 30. ok ka?

  • guest

    and i heard someone saw an ad on YM that its RM1/day

  • 4G or not doesn’t really matter (it’s just a marketing term). Like many have voiced out on the Gizmodo article the next generation tech might as well be called 5G (if you’ve been looking, virtually all the mobile operators have been referring to HSPA+/LTE/WiMax as 4G so I don’t think there’s any confusion here).

    What we really need is cheaper and better broadband (both wired and wireless). I’m not really looking forward to this as it’ll require special hardware which basically means you’ll be carrier-locked. “No SIM”, as if it’s a good thing… We’re starting to go the US route (which honestly sucks).

  • bandana


  • Hunter

    YTL Yes = Bad

    1 cheat your money , all have you pay and can’t use
    2 call centre all dead , call all the way no answer and ask you list down your number but never call back to you.
    3 Go to “KL Centre” to ask for help they said its something problem with yes system , we will call you tonight or tomorrow for sure to explanations, few day no one call from them.
    4 Log on to “yes.my” , just press all the link have to wait 1hour or more than that and alway came out “server error”
    5 super waste time and super bad service.

    Don’t remove this, because this is a complaint, till you fixed the problem.

    • Toyol

      Wow…really Hunter ? That’s a lesson for the operator to be ready first…and for the consumer to choose first. At the end it is all about money..money..money. If you got a lot of money in your pocket ? ok lah…but not me..

  • Eling

    can i ask how much the broadband monthly fees? need sign any contract,i just want a normal package using at home..

    • there are valuepack now: RM68/3.5GB/month and RM150/10GB/month

      • I don;t see the “value” also…:P

  • Sam

    WiMAX is so yesterday. Even HSPA+ now have higher last mile speeds than WiMAX. No use talking about engines that still use carburater nowadays when it has been obsolete 20 years ago