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YTL YES WiMAX service launched

YTL’s YES WiMAX has been launched finally a year after P1 launched their WiMAX service. Both companies got the license at the same time.

YES claims to have 65% WiMAX coverage in human populated areas.

More story soon, in the mean time check out the press release below.

KUALA Lumpur, Malaysia – November 19, 2010 – YTL Communications Sdn Bhd today launched Yes, the world’s first fully converged 4G Mobile Internet service with Voice. Yes raises the bar in innovation in all areas, incorporating a fully converged data and voice service, speeds of up to 5 times that of 3G, affordable pay-as-you-go pricing, new devices and an exciting unified communication tool – all specifically designed to make broadband relevant, appealing and affordable to more people than ever before.

At the launch, 65% of the population in Peninsula Malaysia will enjoy the fastest Mobile Internet service with Voice via the Yes 4G network. Additionally, the innovative communications services offered by Yes Life will be available to everyone with an Internet connection across the globe.

“Every Yes account comes with high speed Internet access and a phone number, making the convergence of data and voice seamless. Our subscribers will not only have high speed mobile data access but will also enjoy voice, online chat and SMS services that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, through the Internet.  Malaysians travelling abroad can keep in touch with friends and family at home through Yes at local rates and without worrying about roaming charges”, said Tan Sri (Dr) Francis Yeoh, Executive Chairman of YTL Communications.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Muhyuddin Yassin, who officially launched the service at the ceremony in the JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur, showcased the potential of Yes by linking up with the students in London through a video call using Yes Life.

Farquar Haqqani Fadhlullah Suhaimi, Chairman of UKEC, the umbrella body for all Malaysian student societies in the UK, said: “This is an exciting development that will be welcomed by all students in the UK. To be able to stay connected to home at the cheapest Malaysian call rates and then return home to enjoy high speed mobile Internet and stay connected to friends in the UK is fantastic!”

Offering the industry’s lowest rates – up to nine times lower than current prepaid mobile Internet and voices packages – Yes does away with separate, siloed plans for voice, mobile Internet and mobile broadband, and combines everything in one simple integrated plan that offers consumers the complete freedom to choose how they want to spend their airtime. Pay-as-you-go at just RM0.09 for 3MB of data, 1 minute of calls or 1 SMS.

Yes also offers up to 30% rebate to power users who consume high amounts of data. This effectively reduces the already attractive rates to as low as RM0.02 per MB or RM20 per GB while giving users the power to self manage by setting temporary data caps and triggering automated warnings at specified levels, all without throttling.

“For the same amount that is currently paid for a voice0only service, Yes provides everyone with access to the Internet as well. Internet was built by the people for all the people, and therefore, everyone should be able to afford it. This is why we are introducing the utility model – just pay for what you use. Like water or electricity. Why should you pay for what you don’t use”, elaborated Tan Sri Francis Yeoh.

Some of the world’s best and brightest, such as Clearwire, Samsung, Intel, Cisco, GCT, IBM, Oracle, Aricent, and Xchanging, to mention a few, have contributed to Yes to make sure real value is brought to customers. For example, Yes is a SIM-less service that comes with an ID and a telephone number that works across all devices. This SIM-less service together with Yes Life – a unified communications tool that is at the heart of Yes, effectively turns any device that connects to the Internet, into a phone. Together, they allow for a number of devices to be simultaneously connected to the network, giving users the freedom to choose to receive a call on a mobile phone when in Malaysia, through a PC when in New York, or a notebook in an airport lounge.

At the launch, YTL Communications and Samsung also announced the introduction of the world’s first all-4G mobile phone. The mobile phone, called the Yes Buzz will complete the range of powerful and affordable Yes 4G devices including, the Yes Huddle – Malaysia’s first 4G MiFi and an instant hotspot for up to 5 people, the world’s slimmest and most advanced 4G USB dongle called the Yes Go and the Yes Zoom – the 4G WiFi router designed for home and office use.

“Today’s launch marks the starting point of Malaysia’s progress towards entering a truly connected digital age and we’re excited to be in the driving seat of this revolution,” said Wing Lee, CEO of YTL Communications Sdn Bhd. “We looked into every aspect of the current mobile communications situation in the country and we have raised the bar on all fronts. Today, we say yes to all possibilities and to continuing to bring amazing experiences to everyone using the Yes service.”

These are exciting times for Malaysia and history is being made. Stand up for what you deserve together with the thousands who have already joined the 4G revolution. Choose your Yes ID with your 018 mobile number and book them now, on Then visit the Yes Flagship Store at Lot 10, Jalan Bukit Bintang; the Yes Store at KL Sentral, Jalan Travers or any of the leading IT Stores in Peninsular Malaysia from November 19th to select and pay for your preferred Yes 4G device.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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