Monday, March 27, 2023

Opinion: DiGi Blackberry Plan now more expensive

On the 19 November 2009, DiGi launched a postpaid plan called DG Smart Plan for Blackberry. At RM58/month, the plan allows unlimited high speed data(3GB limit) on your Blackberry smartphone and it included Blackberry Internet Service, the cheapest Blackberry plan at that time.

However in April 2010, the plan was re-named DG Smart Plan and it cost RM68 a month.

Compared to the older Smart Plan, DG Smart Plan cost an extra RM10 but it allows “tethering” for Blackberry/smartphone users and can be used on any smarphone(“unlimited internet” limited to 3GB).

At that time, there were some complications(in the DiGi Customer Service team) as those Blackberry users upgrading to DG Smart Plan from the earlier Smart Plan had to specifically request that the Blackberry Internet Service to be activated manually.

However, DiGi recently decided to remove Blackberry Internet  Service from DG Smart Plan. To use DG Smart Plan on a Blackberry device, users will have to pay an additional RM10 on top of the RM68 monthly fee.

Also, the re-branded Blackberry Smart Plan that DiGi launched today is advertising a RM68 monthly fee without Blackberry Internet Service. The same thing applies to the Blackberry Smart Plan Lite which cost RM33 a month but requires an additional RM10 for Blackberry Internet Service(RM43).

Dear DIGi, two questions for you:

Q1: This is a Blackberry Plan(Blackberry Smart Plan, Smart Plan Lite), shouldn’t it INCLUDE the basic BLACKBERRY INTERNET SERVICE without any “add on” plan? Although both Blackberry plans allow customers to access the Internet, they can’t use a number of apps without Blackberry Internet Service enabled.

Q2: It was acceptable when DG Smart Plan cost more at RM68 with Blackberry Internet Service. But why now new Blackberry customers must pay more with the Blackberry Smart Plan(RM78) and Smart Plan Lite(RM43)?

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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