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DiGi: HTC Desire HD, Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Tablet

Upadate 1: DiGi has so far launched the HTC Desire HD only-


It appears that DiGi will be announcing/launching quite a number of mobile phones/device this coming Dec 8, 2010(Wednesday).

Those devices include HTC Desire HD(Android 2.2), Samsung Galaxy S, LG Apollo, & Blackberry 9780 White(aka Bold 3). The Samsung Galaxy Tab is expected to launch on December 16, 2010.

DiGi is offering a RM40 discount per month on the DG Smart Plan(RM68) for the 1st 6-months, so customers only pay RM28 for 3GB of data with contract.

Pricing details after the jump.

  • HTC Desire HD- RM1699(12-months), RM 1399(24-months)
  • Samsung Galaxy S- RM1799(12-months), RM1499(24-months)
  • LG Apollo- RM599(12-months), RM349(24-months)
  • Blackberry 9780 White- RM1349(12-months), RM1099(24-months)

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet will cost RM1899(12-months) and RM1599(24-months), both under contract.

Details above are to be confirmed by DiGi.

Kugan is the founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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