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When YTL says Yes, everyone seems to just agree!

This last week probably witnessed the biggest advertising whitewash Malaysia has ever seen. If you thought YTL Communications’ 4G network launch, Yes, was a big bang, wait till you learn about how this innovative branding idea may be a mixture of cheek, dare and hubris.

For as long as I can remember Australian telco network Optus has been using the theme ‘Yes’ as their tagline. Never mind that a player in the same category decided to brand their network Yes, but there ought to be some case of borrowed interest and equity erosion considering the millions Optus invested in making the word Yes a generic telco moniker to millions.  

Let’s accept that YTL Communications did not ‘hijack’ the Yes brand goodwill from Optus. Let’s just say that anyone can own the word Yes, and the winner is the one who makes the most of it. Let’s excuse the fact that the Yes portal was ‘attacked,’ badly delayed and did not respond to consumer complaints in good time. Let us even accept that it is the ‘world’s first 4G service’ when in fact the technology was first publicly launched in Stockholm and Oslo last December, and branded 4G.

But what about the Yes product itself?

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