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YTL and its “700Mhz”

Negative headlines seem to have a thing for YTL, as barely two weeks after their marred launching of the YES4G mobile internet service, comes yet another barrage of controversy. This time however, it doesn’t involve shoddy naming conventions or inaccessible websites, but something of a much larger scale – spectrum allocation.

According to a mysterious report (that everyone is quoting from, but no one seems to link to) from Singapore’s Straits Times, YTL was allegedly assigned 80MHz from the 700MHz spectrum for use with their upcoming hybrid TV service by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

On the surface this might not sound like much, but to fully understand the severity that this allegation carries, one must first understand the importance and scarcity of spectrums.

More on LowYat.net, for the full story.

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