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Celcom offers virtual business phone system

Celcom Biz today launched Virtual PABX, a virtual business phone system targeted to businesses such as SoHo, SMEs, and MNCs.

Adlan Ahmad Tajudin, Chief Corporate Officer of Celcom Axiata Berhad (right) alongside Mohamed Rastam Shahrom, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Solutions of Celcom Axiata Berhad (left)

The system is fully mobile based(mobile centrex) and has all the functionalities of  a traditional business phone (better known as PABX or private automatic branch exchange) system.

The Celcom Biz Virtual PABX does not require any additional hardware installation as all the Virtual PABX hardware is supported and maintained at Celcom.

Press release from Celcom below.

KUALA LUMPUR, 13 JANUARY 2011 – Celcom Axiata Berhad, the most experienced and leading mobile telecommunications service provider in the country, is proud to introduce the Celcom Biz  Virtual PABX (virtual private automatic branch exchange), the first ever virtual business phone system in Asia Pacific that is set to revolutionise the way Malaysian businesses operate. This hassle- and maintenance-free virtual telecommunication solution is hosted by Celcom. It has all the functionalities of both a traditional business phone (better known as PABX or private automatic branch exchange) system and a mobile phone, minus the hardware, additional phone line rental costs, plus the monthly maintenance charges that normally comes along with the traditional PABX system.

“We are proud to be the first telco, not only in Malaysia but throughout Asia Pacific, to offer this revolutionary telecommunication solution to our corporate as well as SME clients, empowering them to stay seamlessly and conveniently connected anytime, anywhere. Now with this new Virtual PABX system by Celcom Biz, you don’t have to miss a single business opportunity as calls can be routed to your mobile phones when you are away from your office or forwarded immediately to your business partner or colleagues if you are unable to pick up the call,” said Adlan Ahmad Tajudin, Chief Corporate Officer, Celcom Axiata Berhad, adding that in the long run, this innovative solution will help enhance employee productivity and responsiveness, especially in organisations with a distributed workforce.

The Celcom Biz  Virtual PABX is easy to deploy and requires minimal start-up cost as there is no involvement of any complex installation, nor purchase of any expensive hardware or maintenance cost.  On top of that, this progressive product caters to all types of businesses, from small offices, home offices (SOHOs), small medium enterprises (SMEs) to large multinational companies (MNCs) and is available in the market bundled with attractive package plans.

“The  Virtual PABX system integrates quickly, easily with existing phone lines plus hardware, and can also be used in conjunction with other mobile and smart phones. It does not require any additional hardware installation as all the Virtual PABX hardware is supported and maintained at Celcom. Thus, further lowering operational cost and eliminating maintenance cost. Ongoing costs can also be kept in check by scaling the Virtual PABX system to the size of your business and upgrading as and when it grows,” Adlan continued.

Now with Celcom Biz Virtual PABX, you are in total control as it allows you to manage your account and track your phone usage through a personalised web or Java based switchboard. Apart from the traditional PABX system features, the Virtual PABX system offered by Celcom also enables a contact’s status/ presence to be shown at a glance and this enables seamless call routing according to the person’s availability. Other functionalities include:

  • call conferencing with up to 20 users,
  • support international dial-ins for call conferencing,
  • ability to record conference calls,
  • CLIP display option of either company number, extension number or mobile number,
  • customisable and self service IVR (Interactive Voice Response) announcements,
  • call back option,
  • call queuing, call forwarding and call on-hold,
  • voice message and miss call alert which can be retrieved either via email, mobile phone, smart phone or conventional desk phone,
  • user profile management,
  • statistical reports,
  • calendar / scheduler, and other features.

All these functions can be performed anytime, anywhere simply via the personalised web or Java based switchboard. Businesses are also able to generate statistical reports to track call volume and usage of the Virtual PABX system to better manage business operations, especially telecommunications cost.

“Being the pioneer in the telecommunications industry, we have never failed to create new possibilities and frontiers for our customers. This latest introduction by Celcom Biz is a fine example. Celcom is constantly developing and will continue to develop intelligent next-generation technologies using the most sophisticated yet simple and cost-effective solutions that will assist our corporate clients to operate their businesses efficiently, effectively and productively, bringing about further savings. These savings allow them to reinvest and grow their businesses. That is our aim, a win-win situation whereby we grow alongside our customers,” claimed Adlan.

For further details and enquiries on the Celcom Biz Virtual PABX, please log onto

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