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DiGi launched Mobile Ad called iDeal

DiGi has launched its first mobile advertising program called iDeal.

Customers will receive up to a maximum five (5) advertisements per day in the form of SMS push, MMS push, WAP push, SMS dialogs or MMS dialogs.

All mobile ads received will be converted to points which will then be converted to free voice airtime credit. However DiGi did not disclose any further details about this in the FAQ.

To register for iDeal, send ‘iDeal JOIN’ or ‘iDeal DAFTAR’ to 8001. Alternatively, customers can also register via OCS (www.digi.com.my/ocs). Then, answer a series of questions to complete your profile.

DiGi iDeal-Page

It appears that DiGi’s partner(Out There Media) for the iDeal program is the same as Maxis myDeals.

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