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YTL YES to issue monthly bill on Jan 19

There has been more update since YTL YES enabled the “summary billing” just after my blog post.

In an official response to me via SKMM, YTL said that I will receive a bill between 19 December 2010 to 19 Jan 2011 on the 19 Jan 2011. However the response gave no further details such as how YES customers can view this monthly bill when it is out.

We have offered to our Yes customers a Complimentary 10GB usage for the period of 19 Nov to 19 Dec 2010, therefore we did not issue a bill to your account for November usage. However, you shall be receiving your 19 December 2010 to 19 Jan 2011 bill on 19 Jan 2011.

Meanwhile, you may also check on your current usage summary of your current bill cycle via your “My Account” at www.yes.my.

It is unclear if this is how YTL will bill YES customers in the future. Only postpaid customers are issued a bill every 30 days.

Since YES is a prepaid service, latest usage details should be immediately available(or at least within 24 hours) and this is the current industry practice.

More details will be posted on Malaysian Wireless as soon it is available.

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