Tuesday, May 30, 2023

[Pictures] Celcom LTE Trial at Menara Celcom & Menara Atlan

Celcom last announced that it will move towards LTE(Long Term Evolution). The company has started trialling LTE at Menara Celcom(1800MHz) and Menara Atlan(2.6GHz) using equipments from Huawei.

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More pictures below:

Celcom LTE Base Station

Celcom LTE Indoor Antenna

Huawei E398 LTE Modem

Huawei E398 LTE Modem Back View

Huawei E398 LTE Modem Specification
The test(using the Huawei E398 LTE modem) at Menara Atlan produced an amazing download speed up to 149Mbps using a 20Mhz bandwidth(2.6Ghz) and up to 72Mbps using a 10Mhz bandwidth(1.8Ghz).

While at Menara Celcom, the download speed was up to 90.7Mbps.

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