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Hotlink Customers get GPRS International Roaming

Maxis will soon make available GPRS International for its Hotlink(Prepaid) customers, worldwide.

The Hotlink Data Roaming service is now available at 10 countries- Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand at RM30/MB.

It will be available worldwide starting 1 April 2011 onwards. Data roaming rate for other countries will soon be updated on http://www.hotlink.com.my.

Press Release from Maxis

Maxis Berhad (“Maxis”), Malaysia’s leading integrated communications provider today announced that it will be the first in the country to introduce a GPRS Data Roaming service that allows outbound Hotlink users to retrieve data while roaming internationally. With this new service, Hotlink customers now enjoy the convenience of accessing the internet and other services such as e-mail and MMS while roaming.

Maxis’ GPRS Data Roaming service was launched with Singapore on 1 March 2011 and as of today the service encompasses the rest of the nine Bridge Alliance countries (that is, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand). Hotlink customers visiting all other countries worldwide will be able to enjoy the exclusive service from 1 April 2011 onwards. This new service is part of Maxis’ ongoing commitment to broaden our services and provide more value to its prepaid customers. Hotlink customers will be the first prepaid customers in the country to enjoy data roaming via affordable, pay-per-use rates.  This service will enable them to retrieve information on a timely basis and to stay in constant contact with their family, friends and colleagues in a convenient way when they travel.

Jean-Pascal Van Overbeke, Chief Operating Officer of Maxis Berhad said “As the nation’s leading integrated communications provider, Maxis is committed to providing seamless connectivity via affordable data roaming services wherever they may be.  The speed of development in information and communications technology as well as more affordable air travel has transformed the world into a global village, blurring the boundaries between countries and nations. Maxis’ strategic partnerships with Bridge Alliance and other similar global partners will ensure that we continue to deliver to our customers, communication solutions that will enable them to be in touch with their families, friends and colleagues wherever they are.“

“Maxis remains committed to enriching the communications experience of our customers, many of whom are frequent travellers. In 2003, we launched prepaid roaming with only voice and SMS. Today, we are bringing the future to our customers by taking this a step further with prepaid data roaming. By providing Hotlink users with the power of international GPRS Data Roaming at their fingertips for the first time, we are enabling these valued customers to connect with all aspects of their lives – whether work or play; helping them to remain constantly wired even when they are on the move,” Jean-Pascal added.

As a regional leader in the provision of mobile data services, Maxis has also built a holistic ecosystem of partnerships with content providers to deliver the next generation of rich and context relevant content to our customers.  Maxis currently leads in the mobile content sphere with a non-voice revenue percentage of 41.5% of mobile revenue with about 50% of our entire subscriber base of more than 13.92 million (as of 31 December 2010) being active mobile internet users.

Maxis has also consistently been the leader in offering the latest advanced devices to its customers.  Maxis were the first to introduce the BlackBerry range of phones and the first to introduce the revolutionary iPhone to Malaysians. Today, Maxis continues to lead by offering the widest range of Android phones in Malaysia. Maxis is committed to enriching the lives of its customers with these devices that support their mobile data experience, at home and abroad.

Maxis aspires to fulfil the dreams of its customers through the best that communications technology and human creativity can offer.  In this context, Maxis is proud to once again record yet another “First in Malaysia” milestone by providing seamless data connectivity for its Hotlink prepaid customers.  For rates and more information on Hotlink’s data roaming services, kindly visit www.hotlink.com.my

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