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Pocket Modem from Green Packet

After more than a year of testing(since 2009), Green Packet today launched the WiMAX Pocket Modem(Portable WiFi-WiMAX Hotspot).

The new portable WiFi-WiMAX modem(better known as a MiFi device) that Green Packet launched comes in 3 version:

Sources close to the company said that the Pocket Modem was supposed to launch last year however it was delayed due to certain issues. Some of the issues include the internal antenna(2dBi) used in the Pocket Modem- A “high gain” (higher dBi) antenna will often provide increased reception signal and performance.

In comparison the new UH-235 USB modem that P1 launched a few months back uses a better antenna(5dBi).

However the source also mentioned that after months of testing, the Pocket Modem appears to be working fine in the P1 4G network and P1 should be launching it very soon.

Green Packet claims that the Pocket Modem could last up to 4-hours on a single charge and the WiFi hotspot could handle up to 5 devices at one time.

Official Press Release below

Greenpacket, a leading developer of next generation mobile broadband and networking solutions, launched its new line of pocket modems to address rising demands for superior broadband on-the-go experience.

The new line of 4G-enabled Greenpacket Pocket Modem enables the consumer to create a portable hotspot whereby they can connect multiple wireless devices to the Internet or even share fast, reliable and secure broadband access with friends. This device fulfills consumers’ desire for a connected lifestyle with optimal convenience and ease, at the same time, help them save on cost by maintaining just one data plan for multiple broadband devices.

According to Kelvin Lee, Senior General Manager of Green Packet Berhad, the Greenpacket Pocket Modem was developed after a global consumer survey by the Company indicated that WiMAX-WiFi pocket modems top the wish-list for 4G consumer devices. Developed with the user in mind, the Greenpacket Pocket Modem is also the most user-friendly being the smallest, lightest and slimmest WiMAX-WiFi pocket modem in the market.

As a preferred vendor to Telecoms and ISPs globally, Greenpacket worked closely with operators during the product development stages for the Greenpacket Pocket Modem. Lee said, “WiMAX operators want a competitive edge in the market and the Greenpacket Pocket Modem for 4G WiMAX is one of the many avenues we created in close collaboration with 4G-WiMAX operators to allow them to offer end-consumers a portable hotspot experience with 4G speeds – a highly in-demand value-add,” said Lee.

Lee is confident that the pocket modem will change the way people live, work and play and WiMAX operators in mature markets are starting to see more customer demand for lifestyle devices for nomadic broadband. He shared that Greenpacket’s new pocket modem line is already garnering interests from operators in South East Asia, Europe and North America.

Lee’s optimism is supported by market trends on the adoption of USB dongles and continued proliferation of WiFi-embedded devices. A recent report by Maravedis cited that USB dongles represent close to 30% of the device market share and will continue to be the preferred device among customers of the top 50 WiMAX operators to gain nomadic connectivity. Meanwhile, WiFi has become indispensable in our lives and will continue to dominate shipments. In-Stat projected that WiFi-embedded mobile phones will exceed three-quarters of a billion units by 2013. It also states that WiFi-enabled entertainment devices such as gaming consoles, cameras and portable media players will see an increase from 119 million in 2009 to 216 million in 2013.

This new pocket modem line complements Greenpacket’s comprehensive portfolio of award-winning WiMAX offerings, and according to Lee, the product expansion is part of the Company’s continuing efforts to open up new opportunities for operators and enrich the mobile broadband connectivity experience of end-consumers as 4G mobile broadband applications and services grow.

Greenpacket will be showcasing its Greenpacket Pocket Modem and its full range of award-winning field-tested devices at the upcoming Innovation Africa Digital Summit 2011 in Kenya, Africa and CTIA Wireless 2011 in Orlando, Florida on 22 to 24 March.

For more information about Greenpacket Pocket Modem, kindly visit our website at

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