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[Comment] First come, not always first served

WHEN DiGi had its HTC Incredible S promotion at Berjaya Times Square on April 2, TAN CHENG PENG was ecstatic about the chance to grab the Android phone at bargain price.

“The promotion allowed the first 300 customers to purchase the Android phone for RM599 with a 24-month DiGi Smartplan subscription. The original price is RM1,999,” he says.

Not wanting to miss the golden opportunity, the Kuala Lumpur resident started queuing up in front of the DiGi centre there from 7am.

“I got token number 30 and received an allocation for the phone,” says TAN.

But his luck did not last long as DiGi’s system broke down that afternoon after the first 40 people took their number. TAN may have received the number but he didn’t make it for registration.

“DiGi asked those like me to leave our names and phone numbers, and promised to call as soon as the system was up.”

When days passed and no one called, TAN went to the centre again on April 9 but got a surprise when told that all allocated phones had been claimed.

He was advised to get one at the original price.

“What happened to the unit allocated for me? Is that why I was never called for registration, because someone else had taken it?

“If DiGi needs proof that I was there, those who queued with me could testify to my presence that day. Or why not check the CCTV recording for proof?”

TAN says calling customer service to complain did not help either.

“When I called, the staff who picked up told me to hold but never answered back. He didn’t even ask for my particulars. When I called back, another staff took down my particulars and promised to reply but nothing happened, too.

“I also emailed them but their reply didn’t address my concern. They thought I was asking for the 301st unit and they kept on stressing that there were only 300 units allocated for the whole of Malaysia. I am only asking for the unit that was allocated for me, for goodness sake!”

TAN demands a clarification from DiGi.

[Source]- Malay Mail

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