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Maxis- MyLaunchPad works on multiple devices

Maxis today said that its one-stop web portal (mylaunchpad.com.my) is open to all 30 million mobile users in the country and the site is viewable/accessible on almost any devices and soon be available on internet-enabled TV screens.

Registration is free and users will be given a 2MB @mymaxis.com.my email address. Using this inbox, users can use it as a social feed(Facebook, Twitter) and also add in other email accounts(such as Gmail). Maxis users will be able to add in their SMS/MMS into the social feed and also purchase additional email storage. However Maxis did not disclose the cost for additional email storage.

Some of the content on MyLaunchPad include:

MURAI: Hosted on MYLAUNCHPAD, Malaysia’s leading Malay entertainment site offers the latest local and international celebrity news, videos and photo galleries. Murai also features a fashion segment called Stailista which offers exclusive celebrity red carpet photographs and celebrity fashion reviews. Murai has 350,000 unique visitors a month and a Facebook community of 83,000.

NEWS & SPORTS: This focuses on daily Malaysian news coverage with exclusive editorial features from current affairs to travel and technology in both Bahasa Malaysia and English. It has an engaged audience with about 650,000 monthly page views and 110,000 monthly visitors.

MUSIC: Maxis’ music portal on MYLAUNCHPAD offers the largest digital music library, including up-to-date news on the latest music offerings such as information on new albums, and event and club reviews. It is continuously evolving, offering a range of exciting and innovative music to Malaysians including full songs and music video downloads across devices.

Press Release below.

Maxis Berhad (‘Maxis’) Malaysia’s leading integrated communications service provider today launched Dunia Internetmu, an initiative which empowers Malaysians with access to relevant, reliable and secure local content that is aggregated on a single URL via MYLAUNCHPAD on their mobile devices, the web and soon, their televisions.  Through this initiative, Maxis has also put in the groundwork and investment to enable the provision of free myMaxis email accounts, not only for Maxis subscribers but for all Malaysians.  These email accounts are unique in that they provide unified messaging and social feed (e.g. SMS, MMS, multiple email accounts, social networking sites) through one single inbox.  In addition, these accounts can be accessed through any mobile phone, not just smart phones.

With Dunia Internetmu, Maxis hopes to address current barriers to Internet penetration by providing alternative access to the Internet through mobile devices that are more affordable and enjoy penetration rates breaching 100%; far exceeding PC penetration rates in the country.

Dunia Internetmu is part of Maxis’ larger goal to connect more Malaysians and directly supports the national Economic Transformation Programme’s Communications Content and Infrastructure (“CCI”) National Key Economic Area (“NKEA”) that calls for the creation and provision of more local content.

Maxis connects more Malaysians with Relevant and Secure content
Jean-Pascal Van Overbeke, Chief Operating Officer of Maxis Berhad said, “Today, Maxis is making it extremely simple for Malaysians to connect to the Internet. In a country such as Malaysia, where the national mobile penetration rate is estimated to be over 100%, it makes sense for Malaysians to access the internet via devices other than the PC.  Already, we have 7.2 million Maxis subscribers surfing the Internet via their mobile devices; with 44% of online Malaysians having browsed the Internet from their mobiles in the last 30 days. Our Dunia Internetmu initiative is helping us to cast our net further to include all 29 million Malaysians in our ongoing quest to provide more Malaysians with convenient mobile access to email and messaging platforms as well as relevant local content, easy accessibility to the Internet and a secure surfing experience via a single URL through MYLAUNCHPAD.”

“Getting and accessing email with Maxis will be as easy as 123. Any Malaysian can choose his or her email address and access it via a single page. In addition, all messages are now centralised and saved in one place – whether from other email accounts, SMS, MMS or social networking sites. Additionally, we have prepared and filtered content and put it into one place, MYLAUNCHPAD, so that all Malaysians may easily access it with just one click.”

Since its launch eight months ago in August 2010, MYLAUNCHPAD has grown at a rapid pace enjoying over 20 million hits and its position as one of the top local sites in Malaysia. This is largely due to its uniqueness in being the first Malaysian portal to offer comprehensive local Chinese and Malay content and services under essential daily verticals such as news, sports, entertainment, games and education.

All Malaysians, irrespective of whether they are Maxis customers, will be able to enjoy the convenience of relevant, reliable and secure local content that is aggregated on MYLAUNCHPAD’s single URL – free of charge on web browsers and at regular mobile data charges imposed by their respective providers when accessing the site on their mobile devices.  Maxis valued customers can enjoy free browsing, with no data charges, on MYLAUNCHPAD via their mobile screens for the first two months, after which mobile data charges apply.

Maxis ensures that all MYLAUNCHPAD content originates from reliable sources and has built-in security against harmful and illicit destinations. All content sources are vetted, with all service providers being legally committed to the regulations stipulated by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM).  Maxis uses URL-blocking technology to protect customers from illicit and harmful sites, working continuously to keep the list of secure sites updated.

Convenience with free email account & content aggregation services
Today, Maxis also continued to bridge the digital divide by providing all Malaysians, irrespective of whether they are Maxis subscribers, with free myMaxis unified email accounts on MYLAUNCHPAD.  Maxis has made the necessary investments so that these unique accounts not only allow all Malaysians to access email on multiple screens (including any mobile phone, not only smart phones), but enable them to benefit from local content aggregation on a single URL for their browsing convenience.  myMaxis enables unified messaging and social feed through one message inbox that aggregates your SMSes, MMSes, email accounts and social networking sites in one centralised place.  Malaysians can now organize all their messages from multiple email accounts into a single inbox, including notifications, calendar events and service reminders.  The sign-up process for myMaxis is very simple and will offer Malaysians 2MB of inbox space.

In summary, Jean-Pascal Van Overbeke said, “Maxis has today moved beyond traditional telecommunications encompassing only voice to encompass interactive Internet touch points on mobile devices and other platforms, such as the web and soon to come, the television. Dunia Internetmu from Maxis underlines Maxis’ new foray into multiple play by offering relevant, aggregated local content over multiple screens for the convenience of all Malaysians. This is a major milestone in our ongoing integrated journey as we aspire to enrich our customers’ lives and the lives of all Malaysians.”

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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