Wednesday, March 22, 2023

New Xpax Rate: 28sen for every 5 minutes

Celcom has revised their Xpax Plan voice rates. The new rates are now 28sen for every 10 minutes within the Celcom network and 28sen for every 5 minutes to other networks.

As seen below, Xpax voice rates are no longer charged at per minute basis. With the existing 60-second per block charging, a 1-min call using the new Xpax plan will still cost 28sen.

SMS cost 1sen within the network & 5sen to other network. Data is charged at RM5 a day for unlimited usage(384Kbps). Celcom is also giving away free “Koinz” to encourage Xpax users to use the new Celcom social networking portal called Kolony.

Existing Celcom Prepaid customers (XLITE, XMID, XMAX, XPAX, S.O.X., U.O.X., BLUE & SUKSES) are allowed to migrate to the New XPAX plan by SMSing MIG X2 to 28882.

New-Xpax Plan

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