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[Insider] DiGi might not be the 1st to offer White iPhone 4

DiGi today announced the Registration of Interest for the White iPhone 4.

Details can be found over here.

With the recent announcement of White iPhone 4 from DiGi way before Apple makes it available in the US, I’m not sure how Apple or the other operators will react to this especially when Celcom is only announcing iPhone 4 today.There has been rumours about the white iPhone 4 globally and Apple hasn’t started to offer it, yet.

Mobile Operators such as DiGi, Maxis and Celcom will have to sign an agreement with Apple before they could offer the iPhone or the iPad. The agreement includes how the iPhone will be marketed to the public, things that the operator can or cannot do with the iPhone….and more.

It was speculated that DiGi & Maxis failed to obtain the “rights” to offer the iPad because they violated part of the Apple agreement in the past. For an example DiGi iPhone 3Gs plans were “purposely leaked” days before launch and Apple wasn’t happy about it. Only until recently, it is believed that Maxis will soon offer the iPad.

It is also unclear if Apple is happy in the way DiGi promotes iPhone by associating it with animals such as “Kambing(Goat)”. Although the campaign is creative, Apple always want their product(especially the iPhone) to be marketed in their own way(similar to other countries).

There has been rumours in the market today that a few things might happen to DiGi:

  • Apple might cancel DiGi’s iPhone 4(white) orders and the other operators such as Maxis or Celcom will get it 1st
  • DiGi gets a warning letter from Apple
  • DiGi might not get the iPad 2

DiGi started offering the iPhone back in 2010 about a year after Maxis offered the iPhone 3G in March 2009.

In the mean time, it is strongly believed that the White iPhone 4 is scheduled to reach Malaysia within the next 2 weeks and Maxis/Celcom will be the first to offer it.


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